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IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine

Special Issue on Open Source and Widely- Disseminated Robot Hardware


The open-source movement has already revolutionized a number of industries
by empowering end-users to contribute to the products that they need and
want, and fueling grass-roots development of projects in completely new
areas, as well as their continual improvement. While there have been
innumerable successes in software and electronics hardware, open mechanical
hardware is taking longer to catch on, in large part due to the complexity
and expense associated with fabricating mechanical systems. However, rapid
fabrication technologies have improved to the point of being able to produce
parts that are strong, robust, and precise enough for practical robotic
systems and the many of these machines are available in fabrication
facilities at most universities. With these and other technologies, users
can more easily fabricate and improve upon open-source mechanical hardware
without requiring large commitments in terms of cost, time, and domain
expertise. This special issue seeks a collection of papers that address
topics in open mechanical robot hardware, including issues related to
design, fabrication, and dissemination, among others. Lessons learned in
both development and in operation are pertinent to the discussion.
Experimental results are strongly encouraged.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

-          Novel open hardware for research, education, or commercial
applications that has been specifically developed for easy and widespread
fabrication, assembly, customization, and/or repair

-          Projects that combine substantial mechanical hardware with open
software/electronics hardware

-          Research results that strongly rely on open mechanical hardware,
such as performance results 

-          Novel fabrication techniques that facilitate open hardware
fabrication and dissemination

Additionally, it is suggested that papers include, in addition to technical
content, discussion of challenges and lessons learned as a result of their
efforts in open-source or widely-disseminated research hardware such that
researchers can learn from them for future efforts.

Topics that do not speak to issues specific to open-source mechanical
hardware are out of scope, including:

-          Projects that are entirely or largely based on open-source
software or electronics hardware

-          Mechanical hardware that is not open, such as commercial hardware

Traditional mechanical hardware that has not been designed specifically for
easy implementation (e.g. requiring extensive machining) is likely to be out
of scope (even if the designs have been made publically available), unless
there is strong evidence of wide-spread adoption/implementation and provides
insight for other open-source hardware efforts. 

Authors of prospective papers are encouraged to send an abstract or
description of the work to the special issue editors to discuss its
relevance to the SI scope.


.         April 1, 2016 - Submission deadline 

.         July 15, 2016 - End of first review round and author notification

.         November 15, 2016- Final decisions made

.         December 1, 2016 - Final manuscripts due

.         March 2017 - Issue in print

Guest Editors

Aaron Dollar ( <mailto:aaron.dollar at yale.edu> aaron.dollar at yale.edu) - Yale

Giorgio Metta ( <mailto:Giorgio.Metta at iit.it> Giorgio.Metta at iit.it) -
Italian Institute of Technology

Francesco Mondada ( <mailto:francesco.mondada at epfl.ch>
francesco.mondada at epfl.ch) - EPFL

Alberto Rodriquez ( <mailto:albertor at cmu.edu> albertor at cmu.edu) - MIT


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