[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Jobs with Google self-driving car team

Dave Ferguson daveferguson at google.com
Mon Dec 21 16:32:33 PST 2015

Google’s self-driving car team is looking for researchers and engineers to
work on transforming mobility with us. Our fast-paced team consists of
world-class experts that led the winning DARPA Grand/Urban Challenge teams,
won ImageNet, and sent robots into mines, caves, kitchens, forests,
deserts, oceans, skies, space, and over 1.3 million miles of roads. In this
full-time role, you’ll have the opportunity to work with us to advance the
state of the art in the areas of computer vision, sensor fusion, deep
learning, object detection and tracking, prediction, and motion planning.

Solid software development skills, deep experience in at least one relevant
field, and strong interest in getting systems to really, *really* work are
essential. We need people that love both developing new theory and making
the significant leap from theory to practice.


- MS or PhD (or equivalent experience) in robotics, machine
learning, computer vision, or related field
- A demonstrated record of strong C++ software development skills
- Lots of experience with applied, real world systems
- Passionate about self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles
- Strong interest in solving hard applied robotics problems
- Experience with computer vision, machine learning, LIDAR, RGBD, deep
nets, sensor fusion, object detection and tracking, and/or motion planning
is a big plus

For more information about what we're trying to do, see:


Please apply by sending a resume to self-driving-car-jobs at google.com along
with a description of your relevant background and experience.


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