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*Towards artistic collaborative robots
*Goldsmiths, December 2015

Our work on robots with artistic skills, capable of collaborating with 
humans, is progressing. This serves also as a framework to study human 
artistic capabilities. After the initial work on AIkon 
(www.aikon-gold.com <http://www.aikon-gold.com>) with Patrick Tresset 
and its focus on portrait sketching and drawing (between 2009 & 2013), 
we are now engaging in graffiti writing and more generally calligraphy, 
with the AutoGraff project together with Daniel Berio: 
www.doc.gold.ac.uk/autograff/ <http://www.doc.gold.ac.uk/autograff/>.

Early in 2015 we started integrating and implementing models of the 
dynamics of movements following the works of Prof. Rejean Plamondon 
(Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal), a pioneer of graphonomics. We are in 
touch with him and have initiated a collaboration with his team 

More recently, Daniel and I started to work with Dr. Sylvain Calinon and 
his team at IDIAP in Switzerland (http://calinon.ch/). I gave a talk at 
IDIAP back in September which gives further motivation for the approach 
and how it relates with vision and perception (work involving also 
Prashant Aparajeya): 
. Daniel also spent a few months at IDIAP in the 2nd half of 2015 to 
solidify the collaboration and expand his knowledge in robotics and 
machine learning.

Dr. Calinon is a specialist of machine learning for robots and has had 
an interest in artistic robots for a long time.
Together with the team at IDIAP we just released a pair of videos (using 
the Baxter platform), available from
our main project website (Utube and vimeo): 

Enjoy! and do send comments, feedback.

Best wishes for 2016


Frederic Fol Leymarie

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