[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] CFP: ICRA'15 Full-day workshop "Robotics in Agriculture"

Jnaneshwar Das djnan at seas.upenn.edu
Tue Feb 3 14:54:18 PST 2015


ICRA 2015 full day workshop “Robotics in Agriculture”.
May 30th, 2015
Washington State Convention Center - Seattle WA, USA

We are pleased to announce the full-day workshop “Robotics in
Agriculture” at ICRA 2015, which aims to bring together researchers
and industry working on novel approaches for long term operation
across changing agricultural environments, including broad-acre crops,
orchard crops, nurseries and greenhouses, and horticulture.

The goal of the workshop is to discuss techniques that increase
robustness and reliability for overall improvement of complete
autonomy in the farm. This includes addressing the technology gap
between the needs of the agriculture industry and existing robotic
solutions and what the role of robotics researchers is in bridging
this gap. Besides new concepts in perception for changes in appearance
and geometry of the environment, new learning and adaptive approaches
to novel environments (due to seasonal and weather changes or to
adaptation for operation in a completely different crop) are also of
special interest to the workshop.

February 1: Call for submission opens
March 30: Submission deadline
April 15: Notification of acceptance
May 30: Workshop at ICRA

We invite prospective participants to submit a 4-page extended
abstract in standard ICRA format. Accepted abstracts will be made
available on the workshop website, and authors will be invited to give
a talk or present during the interactive poster session. Contributed
papers may be submitted by the deadline of March 30 (AoE). The paper
must be submitted online at the submission website:

We encourage the submission of papers describing work in progress,
preliminary results, novel concepts, and industry experiences.
Contributions are expected from researchers working in different
fields of robotics, computer vision, intelligent transportation
systems, autonomous vehicles, manipulation, computer human
interaction, machine learning, as well as end users and Original
Equipment Manufacturers. We also encourage submissions detailing
deployment and technology integration experiences in the agricultural

Topics of interest to this workshop include, but are not necessarily limited to:
- Novel perception for agricultural robots including passive and active methods
- Approaches to low-cost sensing for day/night continuous operation
- Long-term autonomy and navigation in unstructured environments
- Perception for appearance and geometric change (possibly caused by
seasonal and weather changes, or deployment in a new crop) for
long-term autonomy
- Aerial and ground robotic platforms for soil/crop monitoring,
prediction, and decision making
- Adaptive sampling and informative data collection
- Manipulators and platforms for soil preparation, seeding, crop
protection, and harvesting
- Multi-robot systems
- Deployment strategies and user interfaces for end-users
- Standardized benchmarks and long-term datasets in changing
agricultural environments

Joe Jones (Harvest Automation)
Wonsuk Lee (University of Florida)
Stewart Moorehead (John Deere)
Tristan Perez (Queensland University of Technology)
Sanjiv Singh (Carnegie Mellon University)

Ben Upcroft (ben.upcroft at qut.edu.au), Queensland University of Technology
David Ball (david.ball at qut.edu.au), Queensland University of Technology
Jnaneshwar Das (djnan at seas.upenn.edu), University of Pennsylvania
Pratap Tokekar (tokekar at seas.upenn.edu), University of Pennsylvania
Anton van den Hengel (anton.vandenhengel at adelaide.edu.au), University
of Adelaide

Marcel Bergerman (IEEE TC on Agricultural Robotics and Automation)
Vijay Kumar (University of Pennsylvania)
Volkan Isler (University of Minnesota)

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