[robotics-worldwide] [Meetings] CFP: ICRA Wksp on Shared Frameworks for Medical Robotics Research

Simon DiMaio Simon.DiMaio at intusurg.com
Sun Feb 15 10:49:43 PST 2015

ICRA 2015 Full-day Workshop: Shared Frameworks for Medical Robotics Research

Simon DiMaio (Intuitive Surgical, Inc.) <simon.dimaio at intusurg.com<mailto:simon.dimaio at intusurg.com>>
Peter Kazanzides (The Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A.) <pkaz at jhu.edu<mailto:pkaz at jhu.edu>>
Howie Choset (Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.A.) <choset at cs.cmu.edu<mailto:choset at cs.cmu.edu>>
Tamas Haidegger (Obuda University, Hungary) <haidegger at irob.uni-obuda.hu<mailto:haidegger at irob.uni-obuda.hu>>

We are excited to invite you to participate in this workshop, which will be held at ICRA 2015 on May 30th.
The medical robotics research community is currently benefitting from a variety of common research platforms and shared software frameworks that are helping to foster collaboration between groups, and to accelerate the progress of technology development. The ability to rapidly prototype new instruments, algorithms, and applications by leveraging these shared and common resources is allowing for groups to replicate and build upon each other's work more effectively than in the past. Some examples of emerging common hardware platforms are the RAVEN-II, the KUKA Lightweight Arm, and the da Vinci Research Kit (DVRK). Recent workshops have provided a good overview of the design and capabilities of these platforms, and have helped to engage the community more broadly. This workshop will extend the scope of these prior meetings by presenting, and discussing detailed examples of collaborative multi-institutional research that has been supported by shared frameworks. This will help to engage a broader segment of the robotics research community to scope priorities for future needs, infrastructure development, adoption, and shared support. The workshop will be divided into four segments:
1) Brief background on several relevant research platforms and frameworks (via invited presentations);
2) Examples of collaborative research that has been facilitated by leveraging these common frameworks;
3) Interactive poster session for groups to showcase the results of collaborative research efforts and shared platforms;
4) Discussion of current gaps and needs for further extending both the capabilities of community infrastructure and collaboration between groups.
If you are working in this field, and would like to present your experience with a shared platform that has enabled collaborative research, please consider participating in this workshop. We are soliciting poster abstracts from university, government, and industry researchers. Please send a 2-4 page extended abstract that describes your research. Include background, methods and the results, while emphasizing the collaborative aspects of your work, any shared platforms that you have used, and describe how your work will contribute to the concept of shared frameworks. All abstracts will go through a scientific review process.

Selected abstracts will be presented as posters on the day of the workshop and published on the workshop website. A best poster prize of $500 will be awarded.

Further programme details are available on the workshop webpage: http://research.intusurg.com/workshops/icra-2015
Questions and suggestions should be addressed to Simon DiMaio <simon.dimaio at intusurg.com<mailto:simon.dimaio at intusurg.com>>

Registration for the workshop can be arranged via the official ICRA conference website: http://icra2015.org/


-        Deadline for abstract submission: March 16th

-        Notification of acceptance: April 1st

-        Workshop date: May 30th

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