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                                 ** CALL FOR PAPERS **

                      3rd ICAPS Workshop on Planning and Robotics


                         Jerusalem, Israel, June 7/8, 2015

Topic and Objectives

Robotics is one of the most appealing and natural applicative area for 
the Planning and Scheduling (P&S) research activity, however such a 
natural interest seems not reflected in an equally important research 
production for the Robotics community. In this perspective, the aim of 
the PlanRob workshop is twofold. On the one hand, this workshop would 
constitute a fresh impulse for the ICAPS community to develop its 
interests and efforts towards this challenging research area. On the 
other hand, it aims at attracting representatives from the Robotics 
community to discuss their challenges related to planning for autonomous 
robots (deliberative, reactive, continuous planning and execution etc.) 
as well as their expectations from the P&S community.

The PlanRob workshop aims at constituting a stable, long-term forum on 
relevant topics concerned with the interactions between Robotics and P&S 
communities where researchers could discuss about the opportunities and 
challenges of P&S when applied to Robotics.

Started during ICAPS 2013 in Rome (Italy) and followed by the second 
edition at ICAPS 2014 in Portsmouth (NH, USA), the PlanRob WS series 
(http://pst.istc.cnr.it/planrob/) has gathered very good feedback from 
the P&S community which is also confirmed by the organisation of a 
specific Robotics Track at ICAPS 2014 chaired by Felix Ingrand and 
Leslie Kaelbling 
(http://icaps14.icaps-conference.org/specialtracks/robotics.html) and 
also this year at ICAPS 2015 chaired by Reid Simmons and Micheal Beetz 

This third edition of the PlanRob workshop has been proposed in synergy 
with the Robotics Track to further enforce the original goal and to 
maintain a more informal forum where also more preliminary/visionary 
work can be discussed as well as more direct and open 
interactions/discussions may find the right place.

Topics of interest include, but not limited to:
planning domain representations for robotics applications;
robot motion, path, and mission planning;
integrated planning and execution in robotic architectures;
planning and coordination methods for multi-robots;
mixed-initiative planning and sliding autonomy for robotic systems;
human-aware planning and execution in human-robot interaction;
adversarial action planning in competitive robotic domains;
formal methods for robot planning and control;
P&S methods for optimization and adaptation in robotics;
benchmark planning domains for robots;
real-world planning applications for autonomous robots.

Important Dates

Paper submission: March 8, 2015
Notification of acceptance: April 8, 2015
Workshop Date: June 7-8, 2015 (TBC)


There are two types of submissions: short position statements and 
regular papers. Position papers are a maximum of 4 (four) pages. Regular 
papers are a maximum of 12 (twelve) pages. Papers should be submitted 
via the PlanRob 2015 EasyChair website: 
https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=planrob2015 All papers should be 
typeset in the AAAI style, described at: 
http://www.aaai.org/Publications/Author/author.php removing AAAI 
copyright. Accepted papers will be published on the workshop website and 
printed as a hard-copy.

The organizers will investigate the availability of journal editors in 
order to invite higher quality papers from the PlanRob 2015 edition to a 
special issue or post-proceedings volume.

Any additional questions can be directed towards the general workshop 
contact email: mailto:planrob2015 at easychair.org

Organization Chairs

Alberto Finzi,
alberto.finzi at unina.it

Felix Ingrand
felix at laas.fr

AndreA Orlandini
andrea.orlandini at istc.cnr.it

Programme Committee
Rachid Alami (LAAS-CNRS, France)
Sara Bernardini (King's College, UK)
Amedeo Cesta (CNR-ISTC, Italy)
Marcello Cirillo (Orebro University, Sweden)
Alberto Finzi (Federico II University, Italy)
Robert Fitch (University of Sydney, Australia)
Maria Fox (King's College, UK)
Malik Ghallab (LAAS-CNRS, France)
Joachim Hertzberg (University of Osnabrueck, Germany)
Felix Ingrand (LAAS-CNRS, France)
Luca Iocchi (Sapienza University, Italy)
Gal Kaminka (Bar Ilan University, Israel)
Sven Koenig ( University of Southern California, USA)
Jonas Kvarnstrom (Linköpings University, Sweden)
Daniele Magazzeni (King's College, UK)
Daniele Nardi (Sapienza University, Italy)
Goldie Nejat (Toronto University, Canada)
Andrea Orlandini (CNR-ISTC, Italy)
Federico Pecora (Orebro University, Sweden)
Frederic Py (MBARI, USA)
Maria Dolores Rodriguez Moreno (Alcala University, Spain)
Enrico Scala (ANU Research School in Computer Science, Australia)
Siddarth Srivastava (Berkeley University, USA)
Florent Teichteil (Onera, France)

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  Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology
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