[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] CASE 2015 Special Session on Cloud Robotics and Automation

Javier Civera jcivera at unizar.es
Fri Feb 20 01:46:59 PST 2015

We are happy to announce that the 2015 IEEE International Conference on
Automation Science and Engineering (IEEE CASE 2015) will feature a Special
Session on Cloud Robotics and Automation. Details on the proposed theme and
goals of the session can be found below.

If you are preparing a paper on a topic related to Cloud Robotics and
Automation, please consider submitting it to CASE 2015 and marking it for
participation in the Special Session. Please note that the submission must
go through the regular CASE submission and review process (with the
standard conference deadline). To mark the paper as suitable for the
Special Session, please use code 9nge1 when submitting the paper.

Best Regards,
Javier Civera
Matei Ciocarlie
Ken Goldberg
(Organizers, CASE 2015 Special Session on Cloud Robotics and Automation)


Session Description:

The massive storage and parallel computation that the Cloud offers via an
Internet connection are enabling intelligent systems to tackle new
problems, and opening up new application domains. In the area of
Automation, these newly available possibilities allow storing and
leveraging massive amounts of data, explicitly reasoning about uncertainty
by considering multiple hypotheses about the state of the world, and
operating in more complex environments than previously possible. Cloud
Robotics and Automation explores how the newly emerged cloud paradigm can
enable robots and automated systems to operate far beyond their traditional
roles and in new domains.

The goal of this session is 1) to bring together the latest research on the
field and 2) provide a forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities
associated with the cloud technologies and its use in automation
applications. Some of the most relevant topics of the field are

-- Leveraging existing cloud technologies and resources. E.g.: To what
extent can existing IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS resources be used or adapted for
robotics and automation? What algorithmic, technical, or conceptual
advances are needed to allow robots to use the powerful computational,
storage, and communications infrastructure of modern data centers?

-- Leveraging synergies with the Internet of Things. E.g.: How can robots
and automation systems get networked into the IoT? What advances are
required to complement the IoT’s sensor technologies with a physical layer
for actuation?

-- Online knowledge bases and storage technologies. E.g.: How will/should
online knowledge bases grow? What are the processes leading to creation of
a substantial knowledge base useful in real applications?

-- Data mining. E.g.: How can we extract patterns or relationships between
variables from large data streams coming from robotic or automation
platforms? How can the automated systems benefit from the recognition of
such patterns?

-- Knowledge discovery, representation, reuse, and interoperability. E.g.:
How can we extract abstract concepts from sensor/actuator data? How can a
robot decide which knowledge (e.g., map or skill) to reuse in a new
situation? How the data gathered from one particular system can be used by
very different ones?

-- Leveraging existing big data. E.g.: How can robots and automation
systems exploit the vast amounts of  weakly-supervised data that
general-purpose repositories (e.g., Google or Youtube) offer?

-- Platform design. E.g.: What architectures provide the optimal trade-
offs between content aggregation and caching vs. accessibility and
scalability vs. response time for robotics and automation applications?
What are useful metrics and optimal trade-offs between on-board computation
and the use of cloud services?

The session builds on the success of an IEEE T-ASE Special Issue (to appear
in April 2015) and several previous workshops (among others, the Cloud
Robotics Workshop at IROS 2013 and the Cloud Manufacturing and Automation
at CASE 2013)

Javier Civera
(+34) 876555554

Departamento de Informatica e Ingenieria de Sistemas
Universidad de Zaragoza
C/ Maria de Luna, 1
50018 Zaragoza, Spain.

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