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Matteo Munaro munaro at dei.unipd.it
Sun Feb 22 02:10:43 PST 2015

Dear colleagues,

due to several requests and the proximity with IROS deadline for first  
submissions and ICRA deadline for final submissions, we decided to  
extend the submission deadline of this special issue to **March 15**.

NOTE: For better organization of the special issue, to ensure the  
planned papers lie within the aim and scope of the special issue and  
to facilitate a fast review process, potential authors are requested  
to still submit a tentative title and abstract by February 28.

Best regards,
Matteo Munaro
Emanuele Menegatti
Radu B. Rusu

CFP - Apologies for multiple copies

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Journal - Elsevier
Special Issue on 3D Robot Perception with the Point Cloud Library

The Point Cloud Library (or PCL) is a large scale, open project for  
2D/3D image and point cloud processing. Since 2011, PCL grew with an  
exceptional trend thanks to the contributions of more than 700  
contributors from more than 100 institutions all over the world. This  
growth led PCL to become a reference library for 3D processing,  
providing numerous state-of-the art algorithms for filtering, feature  
estimation, surface reconstruction, registration, model fitting and  
segmentation and drivers for the most diffused 3D sensors. Moreover,  
complete pipelines needed for solving a number of complex perception  
problems are also present, such as object recognition and tracking,  
people detection and large-scale 3D reconstruction.
PCL’s open BSD license, free for commercial and research use, favored  
its diffusion among both academia and industry. The tools and  
algorithms provided by PCL provide a wide basic infrastructure which  
allows researchers and companies to better concentrate on their  
specific areas of expertise and specific product development, without  
the need of re-implementing all parts of a system.
Thanks to its integration with the Robot Operating System, PCL is the  
backbone of most of perception algorithms for robots equipped with  
RGB-D sensors.

List of Topics
The scope of this special issue encompasses articles or tutorials that  
address one or more challenges of 3D data processing, computer vision  
and robot perception building on the Point Cloud Library. Particular  
topics of interest include:
-       3D data filtering
-       3D keypoint and feature estimation
-       segmentation and surface modeling
-       point cloud registration
-       visual odometry and SLAM from 3D data
-       3D reconstruction
-       3D object recognition and pose estimation
-       people detection and tracking in point clouds
-       3D sensors and drivers
-       point cloud compression, streaming and visualization
-       3D robot perception
-       3D data processing in industry
-       other applications of the Point Cloud Library

Submission Guidelines
Submissions to the special issue must include original research.  
Papers must be original and have not been published or submitted in  
other journals.
Authors should prepare their manuscript according to the Guide for  
Authors available from the online submission page of the Robotics and  
Autonomous Systems at http://ees.elsevier.com/robot/. Authors must  
select "SI: 3D Perception with PCL" when they reach the "Article Type"  
step in the submission process. All papers will be peer-reviewed  
following the Robotics and Autonomous Systems reviewing procedures.

Important Dates
Submission open	                January 01, 2015
Deadline for paper submission	March 15, 2015 (extended)
Notification of acceptance      September 30, 2015
Publication date                December, 2015

Guest Editors
Matteo Munaro
University of Padua, Italy
matteo.munaro at dei.unipd.it

Radu B. Rusu
Open Perception, Inc., San Francisco (CA), USA
rusu at openperception.org

Emanuele Menegatti
University of Padua, Italy
emg at dei.unipd.it

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