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Thu Feb 19 04:44:49 PST 2015


ICRA 2015 Workshop: "Get in touch!” - Tactile & force sensing for autonomous, compliant, intelligent robots"
May 30th, 2015, 8.30-12.30 (half-day), Seattle, Washington

Deadline for submission: March 31

More info:http://www.ausy.tu-darmstadt.de/Workshops/ICRA2015TactileForce

*** ABSTRACT ***

The goal of this workshop is to highlight recent applications of tactile and force sensors, as well as presenting the state of art of such sensor technologies for robotics applications and discussing future directions of research for a pervasive use of such sensors.
Robots interacting physically with humans and their environment, need the capability to detect contacts and control the interaction forces. Force and tactile sensing have become crucial for this task. The recent advances in sensing technologies have enabled novel applications, and such sensors are rapidly being integrated in several robotics platforms, to advance control, manipulation, learning and interaction capabilities.

The workshop will be organised as a forum to foster the dialogue between industry and academia, to present to the community the recent advances in sensing technologies, in the research and applications of such sensors for the new generation of robots.

**** CALL FOR PAPERS *****

  We solicit contributions in the form of extended abstracts (max 2 pages) in ICRA paper format, to be presented at the workshop as posters.
Outstanding contributions may be selected for oral presentations.
Preliminary works on tactile and force sensing are welcome, as well as early developments of sensors prototypes.
Topics include but are not limited to:
- new tactile/force sensors technologies
- sensors and robot calibration
- combining tactile and force measurements for exploration of rigid and compliant environments
- use of tactile and force feedback for improving robot control and learning
- use of tactile and force feedback in human-robot interaction
- challenges in learning from high-dimensional, multimodal sensor data

Deadline for submission:  March 31
Notification of Acceptance:  April 9

To submit your contribution, please email a single PDF file (possibly with a link to a video)
  toserena.ivaldi at inria.fr  by March 31.


  We invite researchers from industry and academia to show their sensors and make live demonstrations!
We solicit contributions in the form of demonstrations of new sensors, devices and new applications of force and tactile sensing. The demos will be described in a spotlight presentations. Selected demos and sensors will also feature in a technical session.
Live demonstrations will have a dedicated space during the workshop (tables, chairs and tv screens).
Candidates are expected to send us a short paper (max 2 pages) describing the device/sensor, the setup and the demo that will be shown, as long as with their list of requirements in terms of space and power supply.

Deadline for submission: 	March 31
Notification of acceptance:   	April 6

To submit your contribution, please email a single PDF file (possibly with a link to a video) toserena.ivaldi at inria.fr  by March 31.

**** ORGANIZERS ****

Serena Ivaldi (INRIA & TU Darmstadt)
Lorenzo Jamone (IST Lisbon)
Bruno Siciliano (Univ. Naples)

Serena Ivaldi
INRIA Nancy Grand-Est
Team Larsen - office C121
tel: (+33) 03-5495-8618
mail: serena.ivaldi at inria.fr
web: http://www.loria.fr/~sivaldi/

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