[robotics-worldwide] [news] Free Object Set for Benchmarking Robot Manipulation at ICRA Tutorial

Aaron Dollar aaron.dollar at yale.edu
Sat Feb 28 18:26:08 PST 2015

Fellow Roboticists - 


We will be hosting a half-day tutorial at ICRA (morning of Tuesday May 26)
to introduce, describe, discuss, and distribute the Yale-CMU-Berkeley (YCB)
Object and Model Set, designed to help facilitate common evaluation methods
for a wide range of research in robotic manipulation. The objects in the set
are designed to cover a wide range of aspects of the manipulation problem;
it includes objects of daily life with different shapes, sizes, textures,
weight, and rigidity, as well as some widely used manipulation tests. The
associated database provides high-resolution RGBD scans, physical
properties, and geometric models of the objects for easy incorporation into
manipulation and planning software platforms. We also provide a framework
and a number of example task protocols, laying out how the set can be used
to quantitatively evaluate a range of manipulation approaches including
planning, learning, mechanical design, control, and many others. The project
website will soon be expanded to be a community web portal through which
researchers can contribute to the effort, through proposing new protocols
and benchmarks or modifying existing ones, as well as publicizing and
tracking performance results (e.g. a "world record" database for individual


More information about the YCB Object and Model Set can be found in the ICRA
Tutorial website and our working paper:




tAChjoeAAXX9LVrVm-T0s&e=> http://arxiv.org/abs/1502.03143


More than 20 research groups have already agreed to utilize the sets, and we
would like to provide the set free of charge to as many research groups
around the world as we can. We will ship the kits to research groups in the
US, but due to the expense and difficulty of shipping internationally, we
will be distributing the sets to interested international research groups
during our ICRA Tutorial in order to return home with them as checked
luggage (we provide the kit in a wheeled case that is within the standard
airline size and weight constraints). 


You can apply for the set at the following link: 




It is our hope that the ready availability of this set along with the ground
laid in terms of protocol templates will enable the community of
manipulation researchers to more easily compare approaches as well as
continually evolve benchmarking tests as the field matures. 


We look forward to seeing many of you at the Tutorial and otherwise hearing
your thoughts about the effort. 



Aaron Dollar and Berk Calli (Yale University), Sidd Srinivasa and Aaron
Walsman (Carnegie Mellon University), and Pieter Abbeel and Arjun Singh
(University of California Berkeley)





Aaron M. Dollar

John J. Lee Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Yale University

office: (203) 436-9122

aaron.dollar at yale.edu



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