[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] ERF 2015 Workshop on Mobile Manipulation in Manufacturing

Anton Garcia Diaz anton.garcia at aimen.es
Fri Feb 27 08:29:50 PST 2015

ERF 2015 Workshop on Mobile Manipulation in Manufacturing

13 March, 08:00-10:00, Vienna, Austria

The manufacturing sector is nowadays the largest robot user. It has in-depth knowledge of the advantages and limitations of the traditional robotics systems, and therefore offers application scenarios par excellence to the mobile manipulators research community.

The objective of this workshop is to open a discussion forum that allows experts and potential end-users in mobile manipulation to cross share recent developments, challenges and future research trends with the potential end-users of this technology.

We will have industrial and RTD partners involved in mobile manipulators projects in manufacturing application scenarios such as logistics for the automotive industry (STAMINA), large scale manufacturing operations for shipyards (CARLoS), and assembly in aerospace manufacturing (VALERI). Topics of interest include:
.	Challenges on mobile manipulators for industrial applications,
.	Localization and Navigation, 
.	Arm navigation and path planning, 
.	Human robot interaction and cooperation, 
.	Safety for collaborative robotics 
.	Manipulation and Object recognition and localization.


08:30-08:35 Introduction by the moderators
08:35-08:55 Part handling in manufacturing automation. STAMINA project - Volker Kruger and Germano Veiga
08:55-09:15 Cooperative outfitting inside ship blocks. CARLoS project - Antón Garcia-Diaz, Germano Veiga, Volker Kruger, Rafael Lopez
09:15-09:35 Mobile manipulators for aerospace production. VALERI project - José Saenz, Uwe Zimmermann.
09:35-10:00 Open discussion on industrial applications of cooperative manipulation: 
	o	Challenges and benchmarks 
	o	Technology needs for SPARC roadmapping  


	Volker Kruger, Aalborg University, Denmark,  vok at m-tech.aau.dk   
	Germano Veiga, INESC-TEC, Portugal, germano.veiga at inescporto.pt 
	Antón Garcia-Diaz, AIMEN, Spain,  anton.garcia at aimen.es  
	José Saenz, Fraunhofer IFF, Germany, Jose.saenz at iff.fraunhofer.de
	Uwe Zimmermann, KUKA Roboter, Germany, Uwe.zimmermann at kuka.com


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