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"Krzysztof Tchoń" krzysztof.tchon at pwr.edu.pl
Thu Jul 2 03:29:22 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,
Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics announces a graduate study program in Embedded Robotics. This is a Master of Science level, English-language, three-semester full-time program of studies, focusing on creating and deploying robotic applications involving industrial, mobile, intelligent, and social robots.
The graduates of Embedded Robotics are prepared for creative engineering activities as well as for research and scientific work including third level studies (Ph.D.). The specialized knowledge of the graduates includes control engineering methods, embedded design and analysis, robot motion and task planning methods, robot controllers, drive systems, AI and machine learning, human-robot interfaces.
The instructors of this program have a significant research and publication record in robot control theory, as well as an extensive experience in building prototype mobile, intelligent, and social robots.
Wroclaw is one of the leading academic centers of Poland with over 120,000 students enrolled in the city's thirteen major schools, the biggest being the three hundred year old University with around 42,000 students and Wroclaw University of Technology with 33,000 students. Other famous institutions include Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw Medical University, Wroclaw University of Economics, Academy of Fine Arts, and Academy of Music, all of which enjoy an enviable reputation in Poland and abroad. 
Apart from the excellent standards of education, students continue to flock to Wroclaw for the quality of life this city offers (not to mention the low cost of tuition fees). With its picturesque river banks, canals and parks, spectacular Market Square and towering Gothic churches, the scene is very much set for refining the mind, and with an annual events calendar full of festivals and a nightlife scene that packs a solid punch, life outside of classes is stimulating to say the least. 

Recruitment deadline is November 2015.
More information at: 
krzysztof.tchon at pwr.edu.pl

Krzysztof Tchon,
Professor of Control Engineering and Robotics,
Chair of Cybernetics and Robotics, 
Electronics Faculty,
Wroclaw University of Technology,
ul. Janiszewskiego 11/17,
Wroclaw, Poland,
tel: 48 71 320 3271, fax: 48 71 321 26 77,
email: krzysztof.tchon at pwr.edu.pl

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