[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Call for Participation - Human-Robot Handover Workshop - RSS 2015

Rachid Alami Rachid.Alami at laas.fr
Fri Jul 10 09:38:43 PDT 2015

                         Call for Participation 
                 Human-Robot Handover Workshop 
                        (in conjunction with RSS 2015)

                       July 17, 2015, Rome, Italy

The Human-Robot Handover Workshop is a full-day workshop held in
conjunction with 2015 Robotics: Science and Systems Conference (RSS),
in Rome (Italy) on July 17. This workshop aims to gather the
multi-disciplinary community of researchers who have contributed to
the existing body of work on the topic and motivate researchers with
expertise in related areas (perception, motion planning) to work on
this unique human-robot interaction problem.

Handing-over objects to people (or taking objects from them) is going
to be a crucial ability for assistive robots as they become more and
more integrated in the real world. The effortless and seamless nature
of human-human hand-overs set a high standard for human-robot
hand-overs. Submission related to any of key challenges robots need to
tackle to perform this task is welcome including:

- object manipulation and motion planning in the vicinity of humans, 
- hand-over configuration computation, 
- coordination/synchronization/timing (before, during, and after the hand-over), 
- motion dynamics during the execution 
- legibility of motion, 
- compliant force-position control, 
- perception of humans and activity recognition, 
- social cues and norms that need to be considered, 
- intent communication and signaling (gaze).

You are invited to participate. The program is available here:


Note that we will have two panels:  on user sudies and on algorithmic


Rachid Alami, Senior researcher, CNRS, LAAS
Maya Cakmak, Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Computer Science and Engineering
Aurélie Clodic, Research Engineer, CNRS, LAAS
Mamoun Gharbi, PhD Student, CNRS, LAAS
Stefan Glasauer, Senior Scientist, Center for Sensorimotor Research at the Department of Neurology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Siddhartha Srinivasa, Finmeccanica Associate Professor in Computer Science, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

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