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The July 2015 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and 
Engineering (T-ASE) includes a Special Section on Networked Cooperative 
Autonomous Systems organized by Guest Editors Lorenzo Sabattini, Frank Ehlers, 
and Don Sofge including 17 papers addressing optimization and robustness of 
multi-agent systems for applications from assembly to traffic to warehouses, 
and 13 Regular papers on topics ranging from design of maximally permissive 
deadlock avoidance policies for discrete event systems to optimizing 
vision-based caging grasps:


As of June 2015, T-ASE's Impact Factor is 2.428. For details on the journal, 
info for authors, and upcoming Special Issues, please visit: 

Sincere thanks to all authors, reviewers, and our terrific Editorial Board and 
Editorial Assistant.

- Ken Goldberg, EiC



Guest Editorial
L. Sabattini, F. Ehlers, and D. Sofge

Probabilistic Cooperative Target Localization,​
A. Nagaty, C. Thibault, M. Trentini, and H. Li

Distributed Leader-Assistive Localization Method for a Heterogeneous 
Multirobotic System,
T. R. Wanasinghe, G. K. I. Mann, and R. G. Gosine

Collective Motions of Heterogeneous Swarms,
K. Szwaykowska, L. M.-Y. Romero, and I. B. Schwartz

Formation Control of Nonholonomic Vehicles Under Time Delayed Communications,
R. Cepeda-Gomez and L. F. Perico

Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems With Unknown State-Dependent 
Controlling Effects,
P. Shi and Q. Shen

Prioritized Planning Algorithms for Trajectory Coordination of Multiple Mobile 
M. Cáp, P. Novák, A. Kleiner, and M. Selecký

Autonomous Localization of an Unknown Number of Targets Without Data 
Association Using Teams of Mobile Sensors,
P. Dames and V. Kumar

Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Source Seeking,
R. Zou, V. Kalivarapu, E. Winer, J. Oliver, and S. Bhattacharya

Distributed Algorithms for Multirobot Task Assignment With Task Deadline 
L. Luo, N. Chakraborty, and K. Sycara

Assignment Algorithms for Modeling Resource Contention in Multirobot Task 
C. Nam and D. A. Shell

Gaussian Process Decentralized Data Fusion and Active Sensing for 
Spatiotemporal Traffic Modeling and Prediction in Mobility-on-Demand Systems,
J. Chen, K. H. Low, Y. Yao, and P. Jaillet

Ensemble Coordination Approach in Multi-AGV Systems Applied to Industrial 
V. Digani, L. Sabattini, C. Secchi, and C. Fantuzzi

Robust UAV Relative Navigation With DGPS, INS, and Peer-to-Peer Radio Ranging,
J. N. Gross, Y. Gu, and M. B. Rhudy

Cooperative Path Following of Multiple Multirotors Over Time-Varying Networks,
V. Cichella, I. Kaminer, V. Dobrokhodov, E. Xargay, R. Choe, N. Hovakimyan, A. 
P. Aguiar, and A.M. Pascoal

Automated Self-Assembly of Large Maritime Structures by a Team of Robotic 
J. Paulos, N. Eckenstein, T. Tosun, J. Seo, J. Davey, J. Greco, V. Kumar, and 
M. Yim

Reactive Motion Planning for Unmanned Aerial Surveillance of Risk-Sensitive 
A. Wallar, E. Plaku, and D. A. Sofge

Experiments on Human-in-the-Loop Coordination for Multirobot System With Task 
C.-W. Lin, M.-H. Khong, and Y.-C. Liu


A BDD-Based Approach for Designing Maximally Permissive Deadlock Avoidance 
Policies for Complex Resource Allocation Systems,
Z. Fei, S. Reveliotis, S. Miremadi, and K. Åkesson

Time-Feasible Reachability Tree for Noncyclic Scheduling of Timed Petri Nets,
H.-J. Kim, J.-H. Lee, and T.-E. Lee

A Bilevel Analytical Model for Dynamic Storage Pricing in a Supply Hub in 
Industrial Park (SHIP),
X. Qiu, G. Q. Huang, and J. S. L. Lam

Vision-Based Caging Grasps of Polyhedron-Like Workpieces With a Binary 
Industrial Gripper,
J. Su, H. Qiao, Z. C. Ou, and Z.-Y. Liu

Multiregion Segmentation Based on Compact Shape Prior, R. Fan, X. Jin, and C. 
C. L. Wang

Robust Stability and Tracking for Operator-Based Nonlinear Uncertain Systems,
S. Bi, M. Deng, and Y. Xiao

Maximum Information Release While Ensuring Opacity in Discrete Event Systems,
B. Zhang, S. Shu, and F. Lin

Sensor Placement for Fault Isolability Using Low Complexity Dynamic 
G. Chi, D. Wang, T. Le, M. Yu, and M. Luo

Modeling and Predicting Surface Roughness in Hard Turning Using a Bayesian 
Inference-Based HMM-SVM Model,
K. He, Q. Xu, and M. Jia

Adaptive Video Transmission Control System Based on Reinforcement Learning 
Approach Over Heterogeneous Networks,
B. Cheng, J. Yang, S. Wang, and J. Chen

Recommending Nearby Strangers Instantly Based on Similar Check-In Behaviors,
X. Qiao, W. Yu, J. Zhang, W. Tan, J. Su, W. Xu, and J. Chen

Response Policies to Process Module Failure in Single-Arm Cluster Tools Subject 
to Wafer Residency Time Constraints,
Y. Qiao, C.-R. Pan, N.-Q. Wu, and M. C. Zhou

An Effective Subgradient Method for Scheduling a Steelmaking-Continuous Casting 
K. Mao, Q.-K. Pan, T. Chai, and P. B. Luh

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