[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Second PNS-MI Workshop @ ICORR 2015, Singapore

Claudio.Castellini at dlr.de Claudio.Castellini at dlr.de
Tue Jul 21 23:44:17 PDT 2015

Greetings to all colleagues,

the schedule for the Second PNS-MI workshop, to be held at ICORR 2015 in Singapur, August 11th h9:00-12:30 is now available. we are proud to announce two invited talks, by Peter J. Kyberd and IvanVukaklija/Dario Farina.

This workshop is about human-machine interfaces which connect non-invasively to the peripheral nervous system (PNS-MIs), surface electromyography (sEMG) being the paradigmatic PMI. sEMG is in use since the 60s to proportionally control single-DoFs hand prostheses. It involves neither surgery nor hospitalisation; its signal remains rich in information even decades after an amputation, and provides clearer signals than brain-computer interfaces such as, e.g., electroencephalography.

Since then literally dozens different approaches have been applied to sEMG to decode an amputee's intentions, but none of them have as yet made it to the clinics: as a PMI, sEMG has revealed to be unreliable, badly conditioned, subject to change with time, fatigue and sweat. No valid alternatives to sEMG are in sight, and nevertheless, dexterous prosthetic hands are now appearing on the market, demanding ever better control by the patient.


we look forward to meeting you all in Singapore!


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