[robotics-worldwide] [journals] A New Issue: Journal of Human-Robot Interaction

Jeanie jeanie at clearfactsresearch.com
Wed Jul 22 11:57:18 PDT 2015

A new issue of the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction has been published.
You may find the issue here:


* MacLean & Frisoli. Introduction to Journal of Human-Robot Interaction
Special Issue on Haptics in HRI: Cooperation and Communication
* Brooks, Tsui, Lunderville, & Yanco. Methods for Evaluating and Comparing
the Use of Haptic Feedback in Human-Robot Interaction with Ground-Based
Mobile Robots
* Walker, Miller, & Ling. Walking Together: User-Centered Design of an
Attitude Aware Controller for Ground Reconnaissance Robots
* Setter, Fouraker, Kawashima, & Egerstedt. Haptic Interactions With
Multi-Robot Swarms Using Manipulability
* He & Sidobre. Improving Human-Robot Object Exchange by Online Force
* Gleeson, Currie, MacLean, & Croft. Tap and Push: Assessing the Value of
Direct Physical Control in Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks

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