[robotics-worldwide] [news] Repository for Open Source Robot Hardware

Aaron Dollar aaron.dollar at yale.edu
Thu Jul 23 18:29:18 PDT 2015


It is our pleasure to announce the release of a new resource to facilitate
the creation and dissemination of open-source mechanical hardware for
robotics - OpenRobotHardware.org. 


The site has two main functions: hosting materials for open-source robotics
hardware projects (e.g. CAD files,  tutorial documents, and videos), and
linking to externally-hosted projects that are relevant to the topic. There
are approximately 40 projects that are currently hosted or linked to by the
site, and we invite you to look through them for your research and teaching


We are very interested in both linking to additional content that we may
have missed, as well as hosting content for those who are not interested or
able to prepare and maintain their own website for their project or
modifications to existing projects.


One of our goals is to help content creators to best facilitate the
implementation of their work by others, such as through using appropriate
formatting standards, supplying modifiable source code, and comprehensive
instructions/tutorials. We would be happy to provide advice for those
wishing feedback on their efforts and plan to generate a "best practices"
document on the topic. 


We strongly believe that the time is right for effective hardware
dissemination with inexpensive, easy-to-use, and high quality fabrication
processes readily available at most research and educational institutions.
We would like to encourage the Robotics Community to both make their own
hardware development efforts available open-source as well as build upon
those already released in order continue to improve and disseminate
effective robot hardware!




- Aaron Dollar and Minas Liarokapis



Aaron M. Dollar

John J. Lee Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials

Yale University

office: (203) 436-9122

aaron.dollar at yale.edu



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