[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Computer Vision Engineer (Guidance, Navigation) @ Robotics Startup, San Francisco/Bay Area, California

Jeffrey Tseng jeff.tseng at aevena.com
Tue Jun 23 16:14:49 PDT 2015

Computer Vision Engineer (Guidance, Navigation), San Francisco/Bay Area,

Aevena is an early stage startup tackling an extremely ambitious and
technically challenging consumer application using a novel micro air
vehicle platform.  You will be working with a diverse and talented team
with deep expertise in robotics, hardware/embedded systems, computer
vision, machine learning, systems engineering, control systems and
mechanical systems from companies like Willow Garage, Bell Textron, Toyota,
Yahoo, etc.  Our technical advisors include academic professors who are
world class experts in a number of different areas around micro air
vehicles and robotics.  We are backed by investors who funded some of the
successful consumer electronics startups in recent years including Oculus
VR, MakerBot and Pebble.  Aevena is only looking for engineers who are not
afraid of pushing the cutting-edge and tackling extremely difficult
technical problems, some of which have not been solved yet.

We strongly believe that team quality is the primary factor in building
successful startups, so we have generous equity grants available for
top-level talent.

* Be the company domain expert in the area of state estimation using visual
odometry, SLAM
* Implement robust vision based SLAM algorithms on an embedded platform for
a novel MAV platform

* Has done research on or is very familiar with implementing
state-of-the-art state estimation and SLAM algorithms
* Ability to implement algorithms in low-power embedded systems
* Strong systems engineering in robotic systems
* Ability to work with hardware strongly preferred, but not required
* Familiarity with ROS strongly preferred, but not required
* Proficient in writing C/C++ code; experience shipping production code
preferred but not required

* Minimum 2 years working with practical implementation of SLAM with using
RGB-D cameras, LIDAR or stereo vision
* PhD/MS in robotics/computer vision
* 2 years of industry work experience

* Self-motivated, strong work ethic
* Strong communicator
* Strong collaborator and team player
* Can work effectively in a startup environment
* Avid learner of new technologies

Apply here:
All open positions:   https://jobs.lever.co/aevena

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