[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Staff, postdoc and intern openings in soft and wearable robotics at harvard (multiple openings)

Walsh, Conor J walsh at seas.harvard.edu
Sun Jun 28 12:18:01 PDT 2015

The Harvard Biodesign Lab at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Harvard University invites applications for multiple immediate openings in the areas of 1) soft wearable robots, 2) soft actuators and 3) medical device design as described below

1) Soft wearable robots. We are developing a soft exosuits to augment the mobility of healthy individuals during load carriage and restore the mobility and grasp strength of patients with physical disabilities. We are seeking candidates with systems integration, modeling, design, control experience. Candidates should have an interest in advancing prototypes to the point where they can be tested in the field or in the clinic. 

2) Soft actuator design and fabrication: We are developing a range of soft fluid-power actuators for wearable and medical applications. We are seeking candidates with strong hands-on design and fabrication skills and experience with soft robotics is a plus. 

3) Cardiac applications of soft robotics: We are collaborating with cardiac surgeons at Boston Children's Hospital on various cardiac assist devices that use soft robotics to restore cardiac output for those with failing hearts. We are seeking candidates with strong hands-on design and fabrication skills and experience with soft materials and medical device design is a plus. 

We are seeking a) staff engineers with industry experience interested in advancing application areas, b) postdoctoral researchers looking to publish high-impact papers and c) paid interns looking to gain training in the area of soft robotics. 

Previous experience in robotics, electro-mechanical design, wearable robotics, human/robot locomotion, manipulation, medical device design are highly desirable. Strong organizational skills, creativity, motivation, and communication (oral and written) ability required. More details on the various projects can be found on our lab website (http://biodesign.seas.harvard.edu). 

The candidates should have a strong interest in contributing to multidisciplinary teams (engineers, computer scientists, physiologists, bioengineers and clinicians) and will be expected to publish scholarly papers and attend international conferences, as well as take on a mentorship role for undergraduate and graduate students.

Applications, assembled as a single PDF file, should contain a complete resume, cover letter describing research interests and goals, full list of publications, copies of up to three relevant scientific papers, as well as the names and contact information of three references (expected to provide letters of recommendation).   

Applications should be sent to Conor Walsh, walsh at seas.harvard.edu


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