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Paul Newman thepmn at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 29 00:49:51 PDT 2015

The Oxford Mobile Robotics Group is looking for Postdocs…. 

This role is as diverse as it is challenging. We work on a multitude of integrated research projects in the land based mobile autonomy domain. Many of them can be read about at mg.robots.ox.ac.uk. The set of projects includes fully autonomous “Pods” which will be deployed in the UK’s cities,  off road vehicles, nuclear inspection "snake arms" and logistics vehicles. We contribute to and consume the state of the art in planning, perception, calibration, navigation, mapping, systems-design and scene understanding. 

We are interested in meeting and working with folk who are driven by the fundamental problems of robotics yet wish to address them by fielding real platforms. We believe that the (oft-brutal) field makes you to face up to the realities of what is both tricky and important. We have a particular thirst for those interested in computer vision but would welcome planners, perceptioners and learners. But you do need to be a bit of a  C++ coder. Matlab is not enough.

Beyond an expectation to engage in first class basic research, you will be running a small team and managing  projects which draw on all the technical and administrative competencies in the group. If this sounds like it could be the next thing for you, then please do contact us.

The official (somewhat dry) job adverts can be found here.

http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/ALH110/postdoctoral-research-assistant-in-robotics/ <http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/ALH110/postdoctoral-research-assistant-in-robotics/>


http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/ALI629/postdoctoral-research-assistant-in-mobile-robotics/ <http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/ALI629/postdoctoral-research-assistant-in-mobile-robotics/>

Paul Newman pnewman at robots.ox.ac.uk <mailto:pnewman at robots.ox.ac.uk>
Ingmar Posner ingmar at robots.ox.ac.uk <mailto:ingmar at robots.ox.ac.uk>

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