[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Call for Participation - ICVS Tutorials on July 9, 2015, Copenhagen

Renaud Detry renaud.detry at ulg.ac.be
Tue Jun 30 09:21:11 PDT 2015

The 10th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems (ICVS
2015) is hosting two tutorials to which you are cordially
invited to participate.

The tutorials will take place on July 9 in Copenhagen


Tutorial 1: Commercial Industrial Vision Systems


Michael Nielsen, PhD, DTI, Denmark
Aalborg University and University of California Davis

Thomas Sølund, DTI/DTU, Denmark

Carsten Panch Isaksen
DTI, Denmark


In this half-day tutorial we will introduce typical machine vision
applications with matching off-the-shelf products. Then we will move
on to state-of-the-art new developments and 3D Vision products
addressing the rising needs for more advanced and flexible
solutions. When turnkey solutions are not enough advanced, libraries
are used to custom make vision systems. We present the tools and some
of the camera self-diagnostics schemes we use to solve this type of
applications for real production lines running 24/7. Finally, we will
go through some cases with state-of-the-art picking including bin
picking and quality inspection.


Simple machine vision picking and inspection with off-the-shelf sensors
Volunteers from the audience will try to set up a vision system for an image set
New advanced 3D vision technology
Advanced machine vision for custom built vision systems
Quality Inspection Case Study
Volunteers from the audience will try to set up a new product
Adaptive Robot Picking Case Study using 2.5D scene- and tool-mounted cameras
Open discussion how audience’s projects relate to these technologies

Tutorial 2: An Open-source Recipe for Teaching/Learning Robotics w. a Simulator


Renaud Detry, University of Liege, Belgium
Peter Corke, Queensland University of Technology, Australia


This tutorial presents a cross-platform robot development and
simulation environment that can be installed in five minutes and that
allows students to write control, navigation, vision or manipulation
algorithms in a hundred lines of Matlab or Python code. The tutorial
relies on the V-REP robot simulator, and on the Matlab Robotics
Toolbox (RTB). The key feature of this combination is its ease of use
– both tools are trivial to install. The tutorial is intended for
teachers and students. Students will install the simulation
environment on their laptop and learn everything they need to know to
start implementing and testing robot algorithms. Teachers will return
home with a ready-to-use recipe for organizing a master-level robotics
project. This event follows our successful tutorial at IROS 2014. In
this instance, we will focus on providing hands-on experience to the
audience with an hour-long practice session.

More details can be found at the tutorial webpage:

Renaud Detry
Postdoctoral Researcher @ Systmod, University of Liège
Web: http://renaud-detry.net/  Tel: +32 04 366 26 43
Office II.100, Montefiore Institute (Building B28)
Grande Traverse 10, B-4000 Liège, Belgium

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