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Full Chair Structural Dynamics and Control 1,0 fte
University of Twente, the Netherlands

The position is in the department Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces & Systems (MS3) of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. The faculty envisions to be a global centre for science based mechanical engineering. Research in this faculty aims to initiate, design and develop technical solutions for societal problems of today and tomorrow. More specifically, the mission of department MS3 is Manufacturing the Future, i.e. to develop the technology for future manufacturing processes and new products. Such technology involves "Intelligent Mechatronic Systems" in which an optimal mechanical subsystem with integrated actuators and sensors is operated by an advanced control system and needs safe interfaces with humans. Application areas are e.g. high-tech equipment, such as nano-accurate positioning for microsystems and semiconductor equipment, scientific instrumentation, factories of the future, and a variety of consumer products.

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems is an area with high innovative potential, driven by major industrial activities in several sectors, where a strong position in the world market is supported by an excellent knowledge base within the universities. Technology development in mechatronics (in a very broad sense) and embedded systems in the Netherlands has an outstanding international reputation. Most notably, the strength of this field in the Netherlands is its inherent multidisciplinarity, both in research as well as in industry. Furthermore, in this field, industrial and university partners are already organized into several private-public cooperative initiatives. The chair contributes to the mission of the department MS3 by promoting the development of advanced (micro) fabrication technologies with mechatronic systems. This involves current and future challenges e.g. needed for high performance equipment, the implementation of versatile manufacturing systems and the operation in close cooperation with humans. The chair's research is concerned with the design and analysis of methods and equipment for such controlled fabrication/production systems, using innovative design, actuating, sensing and control principles. The chair will be involved in the design, implementation and validation of (model based) controllers for such systems. These activities are backed up with modelling and system identification. For the experimental tests excellent lab facilities must be maintained. The chair is expected to contribute and further develop cooperation with the Dutch and European high-tech industry and with government agencies that are involved in high-tech systems.

The research of the group will be embedded in the Science Based Engineering Programme. Within the faculty natural cooperation will take place within the department MS3 as well as in the area of Biomechanical Engineering (BE). Links to the focus areas of MS3 include laser (micro) material processing, the design of mechanisms and robotics, structural dynamics and acoustics and research activities on maintenance. Furthermore, natural areas of cooperation are with Robotics and Mechatronics (RAM) and Hybrid Systems (HS), both of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences. National cooperation will take place via the national research schools like the Dutch Institute for Systems and Control (DISC) and Engineering Mechanics (EM).

Teaching and education
As far as the educational programme is concerned, the chair contributes both to the BSc courses and projects in mechanical engineering and mechatronics, and to the postgraduate MSc level courses. Moreover, the chair supervises postgraduate, PDEng and PhD students. The chair will also participate in the PhD courses under the responsibility of the national graduate schools, i.e. the Dutch Institute for Systems and Control (DISC) and Engineering Mechanics (EM).

The chair holder is expected to assume responsibility for all managerial tasks that are usual to this level of academic position. The chair will lead the group Mechanical Automation and Control where the main areas are Design of Mechanisms and Robotics, Applied Laser Technology, Model-based design of Precision Manipulators, Mechatronics, Flexible Multibody Modelling, Motion and Vibration Control, System Identification and Parameter Estimation. This group belongs to the department Mechanics of Solids, Surfaces & Systems (MS3) of the Faculty of Engineering Technology (CTW).

Job requirements
The candidate is an outstanding scientist with a track-record in the sketched research field. He/she is well experienced in teaching and able to build and lead a research group, to raise research funds from national and European programmes, and from industry.

For more information, please contact prof. dr. G.P.M.R. Dewulf, g.p.m.r.dewulf at utwente.nl, tel. +31-(0)53- 4892581. Interested candidates can send their application, including a CV and a list of publications before the end of March, 2015.

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