[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Summer internships in Disney Research

Ali Israr israr at disneyresearch.com
Sat Mar 21 08:28:10 PDT 2015

Disney Research, Pittsburgh (co-located with Carnegie Mellon University)
has openings for two Lab Associates (summer internship) from mid May to mid
August 2015 in the following two areas.

* Lab Associate in Robotics/Haptics Engineering*
Potential hire should have background in mechanical engineering, robotics,
and have:

* Required background*:
1. knowledge of different actuator technologies and machine elements, such
as cams, gyroscopes, pulleys, cranks etc.
2. clear understanding of dynamic/kinematic modeling and controls systems.
3. ability to rapid prototype parts using CNC/3D printer and other tools.

* Complementary background*:
- programming capability in C/python/Matlab/java .
- Ability to operate Solidworks.
- mechatronics, embedded systems and system integration.
- background on actuators beyond dc-motors, voice coils will be a plus.

Masters and PhD students are preferred, but applicants with interesting
background experience are encouraged to apply. The applicant should have
the ability to show/present their work/projects and ability to communicate
well in a semi-formal office environment.

Please submit the CV and a brief statement to direct reader's attention to
relevant projects/research. To apply for the position, go to
http://www.disneyresearch.com/careers/. Subject line: "DRP Lab Associates
Robotics/Haptics Engineering 2015"

*Lab Associate in Game Design*
Potential hire will be part of a dynamic team to create multisensory
experiences for ongoing projects.

* Required background*:
1. Programming skills;  specifically having successful experience with
system integration using leap motion, kinect, Oculus Rift, alike platforms.
Ability to write communication protocols and generate interfaces for
2. Strong grasp in game development studios (such as Unity3D), familiarity
and experience with open source libraries and API (e.g., OpenGL,
OpenFrameworks), and ability to construct and debug computer programs.
3. Applicants must have good communication skills, follows and draws out
ideas, and work with a team of different backgrounds.

- background in immersive environment, virtual reality systems.
- mechatronics and microcontroller programming.

Potential candidates should have the ability to show their prior work and
explain their contributions.

Please submit your CV and a brief statement to direct reader's attention to
relevant projects/research.  To apply for the position, go to
http://www.disneyresearch.com/careers/ In the subject line, please use the
title of the posting "DRP Lab Associate Game Design 2015".

*Criteria*: We will continue to collect resumes until April 10 but the
interview process can start immediately.

Disney Research is a research unit of The Walt Disney Company, including
its subsidiaries and affiliates.   It was launched in 2008 as an informal
network of research labs that collaborates closely with academic
institutions, thereby combining the best of academia and industry.  We work
on a broad range of commercially important challenges, view publication as
a principal mechanism for quality control, encourage engagement with the
global research community, and our research has applications that are
experienced by millions of people. Disney Research honors Walt Disney's
legacy of innovation by exploring novel technologies and deploying them on
a global scale.

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