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Serena Ivaldi serena.ivaldi at inria.fr
Sun Mar 22 11:16:40 PDT 2015

The LARSEN team of INRIA Nancy, France


has an open PhD position in the fields of machine learning and control of robotics manipulators and humanoid robots.

Deadline for application: 4 May 2015

**** PHD TOPIC ****

Title:  Robots that learn to control the physical interaction with their environment and humans 

The control of the physical interaction between a moving robot and its environment is a major challenge for robots working in man-made environments and interacting with humans. Such a skill calls upon online learning, control and adaptation. 
This PhD will be part of the European Project CODYCO (www.codyco.eu), its researchers being leaders in these domains (see the recent results with iCub: https://youtu.be/VrPBSSQEr3A )
The proposed research is to leverage state-of-the-art machine-learning techniques with state-of-the art robot controllers, to make robots learn how to control the physical interaction during complex whole-body movements, in an unstructured environment. Challenges include interaction with rigid and soft environments,with evolving dynamical systems and especially with humans. The research of this thesis applies to mobile robots equipped with manipulators as well as more complex humanoid robots. 
The designed algorithms will be validated in the smart house research platform in INRIA Nancy using a humanoid robot iCub and a mobile robot equipped with a Kinova Jaco arm. The research will be conducted in collaboration with the researchers of the CODYCO consortium.

The ideal candidate has a strong background in robotics, control and machine learning. Good mathematical and programming skills (C/C++, Matlab) are necessary. Prior experience with real robots is a bonus.
Prospective candidates should hold a master degree in computer science, engineering, applied mathematics or related fields.

Duration: 3 years
Starting date: between October 2015 and January 2016
Salary: 1 584 € net for the first two years, 1 665 € net the third year. Medical insurance is included.

- French courses
- Help for housing
- Partial reimbursement of public transportation fees
- Lunch for 2,72 € per day
- Complementary health insurance with competitive price


The Larsen team, headed by Francois Charpillet,
is a recently created team in INRIA Nancy, with an exciting young team of scientists willing to endow robots with long-term autonomy and interaction skills, that can make the robots autonomous, resilient and capable of interacting with people and environment. The team is currently involved in a number of industrial projects about assistive robotics technologies, the ERC starting grant Resibots and the European Project CODYCO. The facilities available to the team include an intelligent sensorized apartment, a motion capture system Qualisys, several mobile robots, an industrial manipulator and a humanoid robot iCub.

The candidate will be supervised by Serena Ivaldi
and Francois Charpillet, and will work in close collaboration with the other members of the Larsen team involved in the project.
The team is english-speaking (no french required).

The team Larsen is part of the INRIA Nancy center (http://www.inria.fr/en/centre/nancy).
Established in 1967, Inria is the only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences.
Combining computer sciences with mathematics, Inria’s 3,500 researchers strive to invent the digital technologies of the future. Educated at leading international universities, they creatively integrate basic research with applied research and dedicate themselves to solving real problems, collaborating with the main players in public and private research in France and abroad and transferring the fruits of their work to innovative companies.
The researchers at Inria published over 4,500 articles in 2013. They are behind over 270 active patents and 110 start-ups. The 180 project teams are distributed in eight research centers located throughout France.
Inria Nancy - Grand-Est Centre has 430 researchers, engineers and technicians in its project teams and departments. It conducts most of its scientific activities in partnership with the French National Centre for Scientific Research, the University of Lorraine, the University of Strasbourg and the University of Franche Comté. INRIA Nancy also maintains close ties with research institutes and universities from the wider region, notably in Saarbrücken and Luxembourg.

**** HOW TO APPLY ****

Candidates must contact Serena Ivaldi (serena.ivaldi at inria.fr) and send the following material:
-        motivation letter
-        detailed CV
-        publications if any
-        names of at least two referees or supervisors

Applications *MUST* be done through the INRIA website! Deadline: 04 May 2015

Apply here: http://www.inria.fr/en/institute/recruitment/offers/phd/campaign-2015/(view)/details.html?id=PNGFK026203F3VBQB6G68LOE1&LOV5=4509&LG=EN&Resultsperpage=20&nPostingID=9240&nPostingTargetID=15232&option=52&sort=DESC&nDepartmentID=28

Serena Ivaldi
INRIA Nancy Grand-Est
Team Larsen - office C121
tel: (+33) 03-5495-8618
mail: serena.ivaldi at inria.fr
web: www.loria.fr/~sivaldi 

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