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++++                      CALL FOR PAPERS
++++                 Special Issue of the Journal on
++++                         www.joser.org
++++                    Deadline: 1 July 2015

Theme of the issue:
Domain-Specific Languages and Models for Robotic Systems



The special issue is intended to publish contributions that report on
the use of domain-specific languages (DSLs) and models in robotics. A
DSL is a programming or modeling language dedicated to a particular
problem domain that offers specific notations and abstractions, which,
at the same time, decrease the coding complexity and increase
programmer productivity within that domain. Models offer a high-level
way for domain users to specify the functionality of their system at
the right level of abstraction. DSLs and models have historically been
used for programming complex systems. They have however recently
garnered interest as a separate field of study; this special issue
investigates recent developments in DSLs and models for robotic

The special issue seeks articles that report on the role of
domain-specific languages and models in robotics, whose success is
demonstrated by exploitable results (tools, systems, implications,
etc). Submitted papers are required to systematically describe the
solution in terms of languages, models, and the underlying system
architecture. Moreover, papers must address lessons learned about the
use, benefits, and/or challenges of using DSLs/models in the robotics
domain. An article just describing what has been done is not
sufficient: It is mandatory to explain why a DSL/model has been
chosen, why a particular structure for the DSL/model was proposed /
used, and what are the benefits and implications of the proposed
DSL/model. Overall, the special issue is seeking for articles that
report what has been done for what reasons based on which domain
analysis resulting into which insights and enabling which step change.

The special issue is inspired by the topics of the 5 five years DSLRob
workshop series (from 2010 to 2014) and is designed to serve as
state-of-the-art reference for the body of knowledge available for
DSLs in robotics. For more information, see the DSLRob workshop series
web page: http://www.doesnotunderstand.org/public/DSLRob

Example topics (not limited to):
* DSLs/models targeting specific application domains, such as service
  robots, automation, biomedical, autonomous vehicles (land, sea,
  air), and modular robots.
* DSLs/models addressing specific technical challenges, such as system
  integration, AI, sensor/actuator networks, distributed and cloud
  robotics, perception, sensors information, human robot interaction,
  uncertainty, modeling of physical systems, and real-time
* DSLs/models providing alternative programming models, such as
  reactive behaviors, composition of behaviors, motion description
  languages (MDL), and cooperative robotics.
* DSLs/models to represent robotics software architectures and their
* Dynamic DSLs/runtime models for reasoning and dynamic adaptation.
* Surveys of the use of DSLs/models in specific subdomains of
* Tool support and frameworks for describing and manipulating
  DSLs/models for robotic systems.
* Code generation and code transformation for robotics systems.
* Frameworks to combine DSLs/models in a uniform manner.
* Case studies on the use of DSLs/models in advanced robotics systems.
* Benchmarks to compare the use of DSLs/models versus the use of
  general-purpose programming languages.


Author guidelines:

Two kinds of papers can be submitted to this special issue. Research
papers must be of a nominal length of 15 pages each. Short papers must
be of a nominal length of 8 pages each. Submissions are
peer-reviewed. All manuscripts should be prepared according to the
JOSER author guidelines available at:


Please notify the editors (see below) by email before submitting a
manuscript. See the editorial of JOSER Vol 3 No 1 2012 to have a
better understanding of what kind of papers are expected in JOSER:


Important Dates:
* Submission Deadline: July 1st, 2015
* Author notification: September 22nd, 2015
* Issue Date: November 15th, 2015

* Christian Schlegel, Ulm University of Applied Sciences, Germany,
  schlegel at hs-ulm.de
* Ulrik Pagh Schultz, University of Southern Denmark, ups at mmmi.sdu.dk
* Serge Stinckwich, UPMC/IRD, France, serge.stinckwich at gmail.com

PDF version of this CFP: http://robotics.unibg.it/joser/ThemeIssue2015.pdf

Ulrik Pagh Schultz, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark
ups at mmmi.sdu.dk - http://www.mmmi.sdu.dk/~ups

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