[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Post-Doc in 3D Computer Vision for Robotics (Volker Krueger)

Volker Krüger vok at m-tech.aau.dk
Tue Mar 17 09:08:18 PDT 2015

Post-Doc position in Computer Vision

The national project mini-picker aims at developing a compact, easy to use and cheap bin-picking solution. Partners are, among others, Scape Technologies, Universal Robots A/S and PSA Peugeot Citroen.

Our aim in the project is the development of a novel industrial-strength camera that is able to take high-resolution and high precision 3D images for, e.g., bin-picking applications. A 3D camera prototype is already performing very well, but additional improvements are necessary such as the sub-sequent 3D image processing for model alignment and pose estimation. The outcome of this work should be a camera prototype that can be used as part of the compact bin-picking solution or as a stand-alone solution.

We are looking for new member of our large research lab in Copenhagen who
a)very good insight into 3D computer vision, object recognition, pose-estimation and model alignment all in 3D based on RGBD cameras.
b) is highly committed and is able to push results towards perfection.

The candidates should hold a PhD degree in the area of 3D computer vision and robotics, excellent knowledge of Matlab and/or C++, be fluent in English, and have proven ability to publish in scientific conferences and journals.

The positions are financed through the Danish High-Tech Foundation project mini-picker.

You may obtain further information from
Volker Krüger, phone: +45 99 40 24 95, email: vokATm-tech.aau.dk
or visit our website rvmi.aau.dk

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