[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] PhD Opening on "Reactive Whole-body Manipulation for Humanoid Falling and Recovery", at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Genoa, Italy

Jinoh Lee jinoh.lee at iit.it
Sun May 3 06:12:49 PDT 2015

PhD Student Positions in Humanoid & Human-centered Mechatronics Lab., 
Advanced Robotics Department, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), 

Theme: Reactive Whole-body Manipulation for Humanoid Falling and Recovery 
Tutors: Dr. Jinoh Lee, Dr. Arash Ajoudani, Prof. Nikos Tsagarakis 

The robots are coming out of the cage, and getting closely involved into
human life. Particularly, after Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011, the need
of robots to deal with unstructured environments and replace humans in
hazardous tasks became an important virtue Humanoids are naturally
highlighted for their potential capability to access to unstructured and
uncertain environments. However, one of the significant barriers to
practically operate the humanoid robot is that it is difficult to avoid
falling over and being damaged. 
The target of this search project is to develop novel methodology which
enables the humanoid to reactively control whole-body motion after falling
over. The key aspects will cover 1) efficient real-time falling detection;
2) optimal falling motion planning; and 3) robust whole-body control.
Multi-sensors such as proprioception, visual perception and IMU can be used
for the falling detection, where novel multi-sensor fusion approach is one
of interesting directions. The falling-motion planning is aiming to minimize
damages in an optimum way for both on-line and off-line. Robust dynamic
control algorithms are needed to guarantee agile whole-body responses to
cope with the planned motion with hierarchical order of multiple tasks. The
methods will be verified in dynamic simulation environment and on physical
humanoid robots such as COMAN developed under the European FP7 project
AMARSI (www.amarsi-project.eu) and WALK-MAN a new high performance humanoid
recently developed at IIT. This project topic is multidisciplinary, thus the
collaboration with other members will be encouraged, e.g. 3D perception. The
work activity of this theme will be in line with the developments of the
WALK-MAN EU project (http://www.walk-man.eu/). 

Requirements: We are preferably seeking for highly motivated candidates with
a background in robotics and control engineering. This is a
multidisciplinary project where the successful candidates should have strong
competencies in robot kinematics/dynamics/control and in software coding
(e.g. C++ and MATLAB) The experience on dynamic simulators (e.g. Gazebo,
Webot, RoboTran, etc.) and ROS would be plus. 

Contacts: jinoh.lee[at]iit.it, nikos.tsagarakis[at]iit.it

NOTE1: It is compulsory to prepare a proposal on this research topic.
NOTE2: The deadline for applications is 10th of June 2015, NOON, Italy time
(Local time: GMT+2). 
NOTE3: More instructions to apply can be found on
NOTE4: Official website of Bio-Enginnering and Robotics in University of
Genova http://phd.dibris.unige.it/biorob/

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