[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] phd openings in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at University of Genova, Italy

Enrico Simetti enrico.simetti at unige.it
Mon May 4 01:16:22 PDT 2015

PhD openings in Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering
University of Genoa, Italy

Dear all,
In the context of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems curriculum of the 
PhD Program in Bioengineering and Robotics 
(http://phd.dibris.unige.it/biorob/), I would like to advertise the 
following themes:
*Theme 1: Advanced Autonomy and Cooperation for Unmanned Marine Systems*
- Obstacle avoidance techniques for high speed vehicles (multiple 
obstacles, COLREGS implementation)
- Cooperative control of unmanned surface vehicles (patrolling and 
surveillance activities)
- Cooperative control of underwater autonomous vehicles (distributed 
acoustic array)

Available hardware for the experimental results:
- 10 small scale USVs, 2 eFolaga AUVs, possibly one catamaran

*Some of this research is framed within the on-going H2020 WiMUST 
project (started early 2015).*
Part of this research will be carried out in cooperation with the 
SEALab, a joint laboratory between ISME and CSSN (Center for naval 
experimentation support) of the Italian Navy. The SEALab has direct 
access to a vast restricted navigation area inside the port of La Spezia 
were field experiments will be done.

*Theme 8: Robotics for Intervention*
- Cooperative control of free floating intervention AUVs
- Cooperative control of mobile manipulators
- Dynamic control of arm-vehicle systems
- Control with latency mitigation

Available hardware for the experimental results:
- a crawler mobile manipulator for outdoor environments, two youBot 
platforms, and the experimental setups available within the DexROV project.
**Some of this research is framed within the on-going H2020 DexROV 
project (http://www.dexrov.eu/)* *(started early 2015)*.

*Requirements for both themes:*
Applicants are expected to have strong background and experience in at 
least one of the following topics: mechatronics, control theory, 
robotics. The candidates must have: strong programming skills (C/C++, 
Matlab); attitude to problem solving, to conduct experiments, and 
finally be motivated to work within a research team in collaborative 

*A more detailed description of the themes can be found at:*

*How to apply*
Please refer to the official web page at:

Application must be submitted through the on-line web system before:
10 June 2015, 12pm Italian time

*Laboratory information*
See the lab website: http://www.graal.dist.unige.it/ or 

Perspective applicants interested in the aforementioned themes are 
strongly encouraged to contact both Prof. Casalino and me
giuseppe.casalino at unige.it - enrico.simetti at unige.it
However, note that the application must be submitted only throught the 
on-line web system.


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