[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Extended deadline - CfP IEEE RO-MAN 2015 Workshop on Learning for Human-Robot Collaboration

Sylvain Calinon sylvain.calinon at idiap.ch
Fri May 8 00:29:43 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We have extended the deadline for submission of contributions to the 
RO-MAN 2015 Workshop on Learning for Human-Robot Collaboration. Please 
see the updated information below. We apologize for cross-posting.


*Workshop on Learning for Human-Robot Collaboration* (LfHRC) 
24th International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive 
Communication (RO-MAN'2015)
Kobe, Japan


Once isolated behind safety fences, the new emerging generation of 
robots endowed with more precise
and sophisticated sensors, as well as better actuators, are 
materializing the idea of having robots
working alongside people not only on manufacturing production lines, but 
also in spaces such as houses,
museums, and hospitals. In this context, one of the next frontiers is 
the collaboration between humans
and robots, which raises new challenges for robotics. A collaborative 
robot must be able to assist humans
in a large diversity of tasks, understand its collaborator's intentions 
as well as communicate its own
intentions, and decide when it can lead the task or when just follow its 
human counterpart. All these
aspects demand the robot to be endowed with an adaptation capability so 
that it can satisfactorily
collaborate with humans. In this sense, learning is a crucial feature 
for creating robots that can execute
different tasks, and rapidly adapt to its human partner's actions and 
requirements. This workshop is aimed
not only at bringing together researchers from human-robot interaction, 
robot control and machine learning
fields, but also at creating valuable collaborations, and attracting 
more roboticists into this growing community.

               TOPICS OF INTEREST

The topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

-> Learning from demonstration
-> Reinforcement learning
-> Active learning
-> Force and impedance control
-> Physical human-robot interaction
-> Human-robot coordination
-> Recognition and prediction of human actions
-> Reactive and proactive behaviors
-> Roles allocation
-> Haptic communication
-> Cooperative human-human interaction
-> Human activity understanding

               IMPORTANT DATES

*May 22nd: New submission deadline*
June 30th: Notification of acceptance
July 31st: Final submission
August 31st: Workshop day at RO-MAN 2015


We welcome prospective participants to submit either full papers (up to 
6 pages, to be orally presented) or
extended abstracts (up to 2 pages, to be presented as poster). The 
manuscripts should use the IEEE RO-MAN
two-column format.
Please submit a PDF copy of your manuscript through EasyChair at:
Each paper will receive a minimum of two reviews. Papers will be 
selected based on their originality, relevance,
contributions, technical clarity, and presentation. Accepted papers 
require that at least one of the authors
register to the workshop.

               KEYNOTE SPEAKERS

-> Abderrahmane Kheddar, CNRS-AIST & LIRMM, France
-> Dongheui Lee, TUM, Germany
-> Heni Ben Amor, Georgia Tech, USA
-> Yiannis Demiris, Imperial College, UK
-> Angelika Peer, UWE Bristol Robotics Lab (TBC)


Leonel Rozo (Main organizer)
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
E-mail: leonel.rozo at iit.it
Web page: www.programming-by-demonstration.org/LeonelRozo/

Sylvain Calinon
Idiap Research Institute
E-mail: sylvain.calinon at idiap.ch
Web page: www.programming-by-demonstration.org/SylvainCalinon/

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