[robotics-worldwide] [News] Intorobot Launches the Open-Source Dual-CPU Core for IoTs and Robotics

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Mon May 11 07:40:53 PDT 2015

*Let Atom Be Your Private Engineer*


IntoRobot, an experienced team of more than 30 faculty members and
engineers, announces its project, the Atom, by-far the world's smallest
dual-CPU for IoTs and robotics. As its motto “Let Atom be your private
Engineer”, IntoRobot offers to help people who do not have too much
knowledge of hardware, software or programming to make their own complex IoT
devices and robots. IntoRobot will launch its Kickstarter campaign by the
end of May 2015.

The Atom, small but powerful, consists of DUAL high performance processers,
the STM32 MCU and the Linux-embedded CPU. It is an open-ware computer
system, which is fully compatible to Arduino. It grants easily Internet
connections for common devices such as your flowerpot, aquarium,
cleaning-robot; it can also detect devices’ emerging events easily, which
can be submitted through your email, WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat and Twitter
automatically. These are primary functionalities, and there are many more to
be discovered by yourself.

On one hand, you can operate the board by inherent graphical interfaces,
where you don’t need to program even a single line of code; on the other
hand, you can use it as a professional. The Atom is not only fully
compatible to Arduino, but it also supports Python, Node.js, PHP, Lua, Ruby,
etc. Atom provides an Arduino-compatible environment, as well as a Linux
development environment. They are super easy to use and be generalized. All
these features increase the efficiency while decreasing the learning cost.

Along with the Atom, IntoRobot has also developed a cloud platform for
applications of the Atom. The IntoRobot Cloud is free and open, which uses
Restful APIs, MQTT protocols, and connects your devices safely and quickly.
You can monitor and control your devices in real-time wherever you are.
Moreover, you can easily and safely share the access and control to your
device with your friends or even your community. With just one click, you
can immediately share your devices with the whole world. Furthermore, the
IntoRobot Cloud provides you a quick and precise search engine to spot on
and “like” others’ devices.

Fabulous control widgets, still being enriched by IntoRobot Team, are
customized for data and control visualization. Every widget is built with
artistic design, and we believe you will love them at your first glance and
hard to part with them. As graphical user interfaces, these control widgets
make the inexplicable sensor-data and controls so intuitive and visualized.
For your convenience, all the available control widgets are supported
simultaneously for smart-phone Apps and common Web-browsers like Firefox and

Plentiful instances and samples are supplied to help you quickly start.
Within very few and simple steps, you can connect your devices such as a
light, a flowerpot or an aquarium, into Internet, without any lines of
codes. Further, with the fabulous control widgets, every connected thing can
be simply monitored and controlled. A trigger system is designed, where
IFTTT can be easily set up by dragging event or control icons on the free
IntoRobot Cloud platform.

A friendly forum is also provided to the Atom users, where they can share
their experience and communicate with each others. You can also find the
relevant updates, news and information for activities as well as many
hand-on samples and tutorials.

Haoyao Chen (Ph.D.)
Intorobot Team
Hong Kong Office: +852 23586002
Switzerland Office: +41 0766662657
Email:  haoyao.chen at mavt.ethz.ch, eelium at ust.hk, support at intorobot.com
WebSite: www.intorobot.com

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