[robotics-worldwide] [journals] NEW DEADLINE CFP - IJSR Special Issue: Towards a framework for Joint Action

Rachid Alami rachid.alami at laas.fr
Wed May 13 02:04:26 PDT 2015

Due to several requests, we are pleased to announce that the deadline
of the special issue has been extended to July 15th 2015.


          International Journal of Social Robotics

Special Issue: Towards a framework for Joint Action

**** Focus ****

For more than a decade, the field of human-robot interaction has
generated many valuable contributions of interest to the robotics
community at large. The field is vast, going all the way from perception
to decision and action. At the same time, research on human-human joint
action is a topic of intense research in cognitive psychology and
philosophy, providing elements and even offering control architecture
hints to help our understanding of human-human joint action.

This special issue is focused on collecting existing work regarding
the analysis of human-human joint action and how it can be used to
develop future human-robot joint action systems, and on the other hand
the most promising contributions from roboticists to human-robot joint

**** Topics ****

Topics of interest include but are not limited to

- joint goal establishment and negotiation
- agents' commitment to joint action
- joint action execution, monitoring, turn-taking and timing management
- skills required for collaborative task achievement
- agents' world modelling and management (incl. theory of mind and shared knowledge)
- forms of communication during joint goal achievement
- joint goal / joint action description and modelling
- control architectures for joint action
- theory of mind issues related to joint action

If you have any questions regarding whether your work could fit this
special issue call, please do not hesitate to contact us (see
information below).

**** Deadline ****

July 15 2015: Paper Submission (firm deadline)
(however, if you plan to send paper, please send us, asap, a provisional title and list of authors)

**** Editors ****

Aurélie CLODIC - LAAS CNRS - aclodic at laas.fr
Rachid ALAMI - LAAS CNRS - rachid.alami at laas.fr
Elisabeth PACHERIE - Institut Jean Nicod CNRS - elisabeth.pacherie at ens.fr
Cordula VESPER - Central European University - vesperc at ceu.edu.

**** Submission Information ****

All submissions should be done through the journal's Editorial
Manager submissions webpage:   http://soro.edmgr.com/  where you should
choose as Article Type: S.I.: Towards a framework for Joint Action.

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