[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] ICRA 2015 Workshop on Innovating Sensing in Robotics - Focus on Neuromorphic Sensors

Andrea Censi censi at mit.edu
Sun May 17 13:25:17 PDT 2015

ICRA 2015 Workshop on Innovative Sensing in Robotics - Focus on
Neuromorphic Sensors


May 30, 2015, morning

This workshop will provide a coherent tutorial on:
* neuromorphic vision sensors
* spike-based and AER-based algorithms
* neuromorphic computation substrates (including memristors)
* neurobiology of insects' visual circuits


8:30-8:45 - introductory remarks
8:45-9:15 - Jörg Conradt (Technische Universität München)
 "Tutorial part 1: Introduction to neuromorphic sensors and computation"
9:15-9:45 - Christian Brandli (Insightness)
  "Tutorial part 2: Introduction to neuromorphic vision sensors"
9:45-10:00 - Michael Milford (QUT)
  "Place Recognition with Event-based Cameras and a Neural
Implementation of SeqSLAM"

10:30-11:00 - Andrew Straw (Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna)
  "Neural circuits for visual processing in the fruit fly"
11:00-11:25 - Mirko Prezioso (UCSB)
  "Operation of a memristor-based single layer neural network".
11:25-11:50 - Deepak Khosla (HRL Laboratories)
  "Neuromorphic technologies for energy-efficient video processing."
11:50-12:00 - discussion

* Andrea Censi (MIT) <censi at mit.edu>
* Davide Scaramuzza (University of Zurich) <sdavide at ifi.uzh.ch>

Andrea Censi | LIDS / MIT | http://censi.mit.edu

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