[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] PhD openings at IIT in Hydraulic Robot Motion Control and Planning (HyQ, HyQ2Max)

Claudio Semini claudio.semini at iit.it
Sun May 17 13:57:47 PDT 2015

2 open PhD positions in Hydraulic Robot Motion Control and Planning

The Dynamic Legged Systems Lab at the the Istituto Italiano di 
Tecnologia (IIT), an English language Institute, is seeking to appoint 2 
outstanding, highly-motivated PhD students who will be involved in the 
*HyQ project* that aims to develop *versatile all-terrain legged 
robots*. The positions are fully funded, start in November 2015 and 
typically last 3 years. For more details on the topics and submission, visit

The Hydraulic Quadruped HyQ and the new HyQ2Max are unique research 
platforms. Both are fully torque controlled hydraulic quadruped robots 
equipped with inertial measurement units, laser range finders and stereo 
cameras. Since 2011 HyQ has demonstrated a wide range of static and 
dynamic motions such as a crawl gait, walking trot over flat, inclined 
and rough terrain (indoors and outdoors), squat jumps, rearing, 
balancing under disturbances and step reflexes:
-HyQ2Max teaser video:
-For more information and other videos, visit

open PhD themes:

*Theme 24* Motion strategies for multi-legged robots in unstructured 
Tutors: Dr. Michele Focchi, Prof. Roy Featherstone, Dr. Claudio Semini

*Theme 25* Planning dynamic motions using reduced dimensionality models
Tutors: Dr Michele Focchi, Dr Ioannis Havoutis, Dr. Claudio Semini

For a detailed description of the themes and instructions on how to 
apply, visit:

The application deadline is strictly June 10th (noon, CEST Italian time).

Best regards,
Claudio Semini, PhD
Head of Dynamic Legged Systems Lab
Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT)
Advanced Robotics Department
Via Morego 30, 16163 Genoa, Italy
phone: +39 010 71781 912
email: claudio.semini at iit.it
web: www.semini.ch or

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