[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Two 4-year post-docs in novel vision and integrated control architectures for MAVs at Bristol University

Walterio Mayol-Cuevas Walterio.Mayol-Cuevas at bristol.ac.uk
Mon May 18 04:58:24 PDT 2015

What if every pixel had a CPU next to it? how vision algorithms for SLAM
and navigation change in this case? and how does the fact that we can be
both selective and sending high level information down the processing
pipeline benefit a tight integration with the control architecture?

An upcoming 4-year project between the Universities of Manchester and
Bristol in the UK, jointly with a range of industry partners will explore
these aspects with the aim of developing a step change in vision for
robotics, control of micro air vehicles and novel vision chips.

At Bristol, we will be looking for two top-class candidates to join the
team and that can demonstrate great potential and a high quality research
track record. One post will be in the area of novel real-time computer
vision and another post in the area of control system design for aerial
robotics. The project is estimated to start in August-September 2015 and a
full application process will be announced soon.

If attending ICRA 2015, and would like to have an informal meet-up to
discuss or if not attending but want to hear more details please write to
wmayol at cs.bris.ac.uk

Dr Tom Richardson, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of

Dr Walterio Mayol-Cuevas, Department of Computer Science, University of

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