[robotics-worldwide] [Software] NICP, for Point Cloud Registration and Camera Trajectory Tracking

Jacopo Serafin serafin at dis.uniroma1.it
Thu May 14 01:09:15 PDT 2015

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||       *** NEW SOFTWARE RELEASE ***        ||


Dear roboticists,

we are excited to announce *NICP <http://jacoposerafin.com/nicp/>*, a new
software for point cloud registration and camera trajectory tracking.

NICP <http://jacoposerafin.com/nicp/> stands for Normal Iterative Closest
Point and it is developed by Jacopo Serafin
<http://jacoposerafin.com/> and Giorgio
Grisetti <http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~grisetti/>

(Lab Ro.Co.Co. <http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/~labrococo/> - DIAG
<http://www.dis.uniroma1.it/en> - Sapienza University of Rome
<http://en.uniroma1.it/>) as an open source C++ library.

It can be downloaded from http://jacoposerafin.com/nicp/ where additional
information and tutorials can also be found.


            *** SOFTWARE FEATURES ***


The software includes features like:

   - depth camera tracking

   - depth image and 3D laser scan alignment​

   - multiple interactive testing tools for visualization and monitoring

Related publications:

 Serafin, Jacopo, and Giorgio Grisetti. *“Using Augmented Measurements to
Improve the Convergence of ICP.”* Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for
Autonomous Robots. Springer International Publishing, 2014. 566-577.
 Ziparo, Vittorio Amos, et al. *“Exploration and mapping of catacombs with
mobile robots.”* Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR), 2013 IEEE
International Symposium on. IEEE, 2013.

 Bogoslavskyi, Igor, et al. *“Efficient traversability analysis for mobile
robots using the kinect sensor.”* Mobile Robots (ECMR), 2013 European
Conference on. IEEE, 2013.


Jacopo Serafin
*Ph.D. Student in Engineering in Computer Science*

Department of Computer, Control and
Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"
Sapienza University of Rome
Via Ariosto 25, 00185 Rome, Italy
Room B120 | Ro.Co.Co. Laboratory <http://labrococo.dis.uniroma1.it/>

Phone: +39-06-77274157
Web Page: https://sites.google.com/a/dis.uniroma1.it/serafin

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