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Antonio Sgorbissa antonio.sgorbissa at unige.it
Thu May 21 00:42:10 PDT 2015

The PhD curriculum "Robotics and Autonomous Systems" within the doctoral 
School on Bioengineering and Robotics at University of Genova (Italy) 
offers 2 PhD Positions in a broad spectrum of robotics related research 
areas. The 2 PhD scholarships (3-years) will be awarded to the best 
applicants on a competitive basis.


Application deadline: 10 June 2015, 12pm Italian time

Questions: antonio.sgorbissa at unige.it <mailto:antonio.sgorbissa at unige.it>


Instructions on how to apply and a detailed description of research 
themes can be found here



The goal of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems curriculum is to study, 
design and build robots, team of robots and, in general, autonomous 
systems able to exhibit a robust and predictable behaviour while 
autonomously performing complex tasks in challenging indoor and outdoor 
environments. The focus is both on key methodologies and technologies 
(e.g.: advanced robot control, robot coordination and cooperation, 
sensing, state estimation, knowledge representation, motion planning, 
real-time scheduling, design of human-robot interfaces, design of 
macro/micro robot systems, design of sensors and actuators) as well as 
on specific robotic areas (e. g., underwater, aerial and space robotics, 
wheeled and legged robots, manipulation) and on different application 
scenarios (e.g., search&rescue, surveillance and monitoring, material 
handling and transportation).

All the aspects above are faced by putting a special emphasis on the 
study and the adoption of theoretically founded methodologies and the 
design of experimentally verifiable solutions, to the end of meeting the 
robustness and predictability requirements even in unknown, dynamically 
changing, or even hazardous environments.

The research themes offered this year as part of this curriculum are 
supported by the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and 
System Engineering (DIBRIS) of University of Genova.

The ideal candidates are students with a higher level university degree, 
with a strong desire for designing and developing the robotic systems 
impacting on the society in the close future.

International applications are encouraged and will receive logistic 
support with visa issues, relocation, etc.


- Advanced autonomy and cooperation for unmanned marine systems

- Biologically inspired approaches to perception, knowledge 
representation and action in robotics

- Heterogeneous robots capable of autonomous behavior in complex, 
unstructured environments

- Manufacturing of robot sensors and functional components for robotics 
using 3d printing and rapid prototyping technologies

- Real-time control architectures for robot control

- Sensor based task planning and control of bi-manual robots

- Optimal control for identification and state estimation

- Robotics for intervention

- Spatial, temporal and commonsense reasoning in robots

A detailed description of research themes can be found here


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