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Carlo Alberto Avizzano c.avizzano at sssup.it
Tue May 19 22:42:51 PDT 2015

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                            2015-2016 CALL FOR PhD Positions in
                   Perceptual Robotics @ Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna


A three-year residential PhD programme on Digital Emerging Technologies and
Perceptual Robotics is available at the TeCIP institute of Scuola Superiore
Sant’Anna in Pisa, Italy.

The programme, starting on October, 1st 2015, will be opened for 7 PhD positions.

The research area of Perceptual Robotics offers the opportunity to undertake in-depth 
research on themes of Advanced Robotic, Haptics, Teleoperation and Presence for the 
interaction in Real, Augmented and Virtual Environments. 

For the curriculum in “Perceptual Robotics”, the applications are solicited in the following 
research domains:


PAC: Perception, Action, Cognition – Prof. M. Bergamasco, m.bergamasco at sssup.it
	• Integration of multisensory perceptual system for humanoid robots and virtual humans,
	• Perception and interaction with Virtual Environments,
	• Cognitive processes for attention control,
	• Non conventional sensory systems for humanoid robots.


IAS: Intelligent Automation Systems - Prof. C.A. Avizzano, Dr. E. Ruffaldi, c.avizzano at sssup.it, e.ruffaldi at sssup.it

	• Autonomous Vehicle driving with extended capabilities of environment sensing, reconstruction and interaction,
	• Skills modeling, gesture analysis, control and transfer using vision, robotics and haptic interfaces,
	• Distant perception and control for enhanced teleoperation with application to medicine, construction and mission critical application,
	• Machine learning applied to robotics intention and action recognition,
	• Sensor fusion and integration of vision tool for environment analysis with specific application to social, medical and industrial contexts.
For all positions a background in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, automation, robotics is preferred.

NOTE: Among the IAS topics one additional PhD position will be dedicated to “Perception and Human-Robot interaction for Service Robotics” tutored by Dr. Emanuele Ruffaldi
The goal of this PhD position is to investigate robotic perception for understanding human pose and actions in household environments for the purpose of behaviour monitoring and physical interaction, for supporting user’s activities. This research will be carried out as part of the European H2020 project RAMCIP http://www.ramcip-project.eu/.
The candidate should have knowledge of robot kinematics and dynamics, programming abilities for robotics systems and computer vision competences. Probabilistic modelling and human motion analysis will be considered a plus.


HRI: Human-Robot Interaction - Prof. A. Frisoli, Dr. M. Solazzi, a.frisoli at sssup.it , m.solazzi at sssup.it
	• research for the design and construction of a robot for the remote inspection of train underbody. The topic is part of a broadest research on maintenance on condition for trains. The candidate will be required to have skills in mechanical design and control of robotic systems, HCI.
	• research on simulation of permanent deformation in railway track ballast, particularly the vertical settlements under repeated traffic loading, through FEA non-linear analysis. The candidate is required to have previous experience in the area of non-linear FEA simulation.
	• Bilateral teleoperation control of robots in disaster conditions. The candidate is required to be knowledgeable  of stability issues in bilateral teleoperation with robots and haptic interfaces.
For all positions a background in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, automation, robotics is preferred.


CGVE: Computer Graphics and Virtual Environment - Dr. F. Tecchia, Dr. M. Carrozzino,          f.tecchia at sssup.it, m.carrozzino at sssup.it
	• real-time computer graphics for Desktop or fully immersive Virtual Reality,
	• software/hardware architectures for distributed CAVE-like installations with a particular interest in realistic illumination,
	• hardware devices methods and devices for interaction in fully immersive VR comprising advanced positional audio in VR,
	• wearable computing for Virtual and Augmented Reality with tracking/Interaction for augmented reality,
	• applied research for exploiting VR and Ar in industrial applications a well as in the field of Cultural Heritage.
Background in computer science/engineering is required.


SEES: Safety, Environment, Energy and Security - Dr. M. Fontana, Prof. R. Vertechy          m.fontana at sssup.it , r.vertechy at sssup.it
	• new mechanisms based on smart materials and structures,
	• novel transducers (actuators, generators, sensors) for robotics and haptics,
	• new mechanisms based on variable impedance/compliance structures,
	• dielectric elastomer generators, polymeric actuators (including nylon coil actuators),
	• audio diffusion systems based on dielectric elastomers, high altitude (airborne) wind energy.  
Background in mechanical/aerospace engineering, mechatronics, automation, robotics is preferred but not strictly required.


All teaching and research activities will be carried out in English.

Research will be performed in the framework of relevant European, International and Industrial projects and will be 
supported by the computing, robotic, and VR facilities available at PERCRO laboratory (http://www.percro.org).

We are soliciting National, European and International students motivated to apply for the PhD program in "Perceptual Robotics".

Application should be submitted online by June 30th, 2015.

Detailed information about the PhD program as well as the full text of the call for participation is available on the institutional website at:


Questions on the scientific domains can be addressed to the following contacts:

- PAC:  Prof. M. Bergamasco, m.bergamasco at sssup.it

- IAS:  Prof. C.A. Avizzano, Dr. E. Ruffaldi        c.avizzano at sssup.it, e.ruffaldi at sssup.it

- HRI:  Prof. A. Frisoli, Dr. M. Solazzi                a.frisoli at sssup.it, m.solazzi at sssup.it

- CGVE: Dr. F. Tecchia, Dr. M. Carrozzino        f.tecchia at sssup.it, m.carrozzino at sssup.it

- SEES: Dr. M. Fontana, Dr. R. vertechy          m.fontana at sssup.it, r.vertechy at sssup.it

Kind Regards,
Carlo Alberto Avizzano

Carlo Alberto Avizzano, Eng., PhD,
Prof. of Mechatronics
mailto: c.avizzano at sssup.it

Tel. +39 050 882568

Director of Perceptual Robotics 
TeCIP Institute
Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

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San Giuliano Terme (PISA)

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