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Brian Scassellati brian.scassellati at yale.edu
Tue May 26 07:38:42 PDT 2015

The Social Robotics Lab at Yale University has multiple openings for
postdoctoral researchers in the areas of human-robot interaction,
artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  Our group conducts research
on creating robust, efficient, and instructive human-robot interactions.
Projects include, but are not limited to, the following:

-- *Socially Assistive Robotics*: As part of our funded NSF Expedition, we
will be conducting a large-scale, in-home deployment of assistive robots
that support cognitive and social growth in children with autism spectrum
disorder. Work in the next year will focus on integrating components from
our partners at USC, MIT, Stanford, and Cornell, to create personalized
tutoring systems that support effective long-term behavior change.
Candidates should have experience in machine learning, system integration,
and/or social robotics.

-- *Collaborative Manufacturing*:  Candidates will support ongoing efforts
to develop robots that work side-by-side with people on simple construction
tasks.  These robots support to human workers by, for example, preparing
work sites, collecting and delivering tools just as they are needed, or
stabilizing components during assembly.  Work in the next year will focus
on extending existing intention recognition systems to incorporate natural
language requests. Candidates should have experience in motion control,
planning, and/or natural language processing.

-- *Cognitive Robotics*: Candidates will develop  first-of-a-kind systems
that investigate our understanding of early human social and cognitive
development.  Recent work by our group in this area has looked at
self-taught models of the body that allow for mirror self-recognition,
understanding intentionality and animacy categorization using robots that
violate expectations and cheat at simple games, and the role of synchrony
and temporal dynamics in early linguistic development.  Candidates should
have experience in cognitive modeling, developmental learning, or cognitive

All applicants must have a Ph.D. in robotics, computer science, mechanical
engineering, or a relevant related field and must be available to start
work between August 1 and November 1, 2015.  Candidates must have a record
of work in human-robot interaction or artificial intelligence, excellent
management and writing skills, and the ability to work effectively with
researchers at other sites.  Teaching opportunities may be available to
applicants, but are not a required part of the position.

The duration of the position is one year, with the possibility of renewal
for a second year.  Compensation will be commensurate with experience.
Applicants should send a CV and two representative papers to Larissa Hall (
larissa.hall at yale.edu). Selections will begin immediately.

More information can be found at http://scazlab.yale.edu.

Brian Scassellati
Professor of Computer Science, Cognitive Science, and Mechanical
Director, NSF Expedition on Socially Assistive Robotics
Yale University

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