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Field robotics comprises all robotic systems designed for use in
unstructured ³natural² outdoor environments (i.e. ground, sea and air).
These robots are used in agriculture, livestock farming, forestry and
mining, as well as in environments that are hostile (e.g. fire fighting)
and/ or inaccessible to man (e.g. space exploration).

Today, field robotics is the second largest service robotics market in terms
of revenue, after medical and healthcare robotics, accounting for nearly US
$900 million in 2013 according to IFR. With its vast array of applications,
field robotics promises exponential growth in the next decade.
>> Read more about the field robotics market :

** Discover the Field Robotics at Innorobo 2015
(http://innorobo.com/2015-exhibitors/) , from 1 to 3 July at Cité
Internationale in Lyon.

Discover a selection of our exhibitors and their innovations in field
robotics: nearly 200 companies representing the full range of robotics
applications (industrial robotics and personal & professional service
robotics) will be exhibiting their know-how at this year¹s Innorobo

//// Angus.ai
Making machines smarter should be accessible to everyone!
Angus.ai edits an open source platform that make it easy for developers and
system integrators to give cognition to machines, while keeping control.

> Read more (http://innorobo.com/exhibitors/angus-ai/)

//// ecoRobotix
EcoRobotix LLC is a start-up founded in 2011, whose mission is to develop
and sell profitably innovative agricultural robots that significantly reduce
the impact farming has on the environment, while keeping culture costs

> Read more (http://innorobo.com/exhibitors/ecorobotix/)

STERELA develops solutions and innovative products in the fields of
electronics, aerospace test tools, «Smart City», weigh in motion, smart
parking management, analysis of road traffic, live-fire military training
targets, terrestrial and marine automatic weather stations for
meteorological observation networks, and robotics.

> Read more (http://innorobo.com/exhibitors/sterela/)

//// Rovenso
The mission of ROVENSO is to design, manufacture and market agile Remote
Operated Vehicles that preserve human life from hazardous operations in
nuclear decommissioning and emergency response.

> Read more (http://innorobo.com/exhibitors/rovenso/)

Browse the full list of exhibitors - and vote for your favorite one!
Our Field Robotics Speakers

Shigeo Hirose - Professor - Tokyo Institute of Technology - IEEE Fellow

Sergei Lupaschin - Founder and CEO - Fotokite

Jean-Paul Monet - Lieutenant-Colonel - Bouches-Du-Rhône Fire Department

Oussama Khatib - Professor of Computer Science - Stanford University

Register for the conferences! >> http://innorobo.com/tickets/

**Field robotics workshop
New developments for aerial robotics and drones

The Drone revolution is running faster and faster. However, making a fully
autonomous drone able to hover accurately near an object of interest, to
explore its environment with or without GPS, to navigate in a cluttered
environment without map and to avoid obstacles in a dynamic environment is
still a great challenge for drone manufacturers and scientists working on
aerial robots. This workshop provides participants with the unique
opportunity to gain an overview of advanced developments for drones and
aerial robots in terms of new sensors, autopilot and navigation strategies.

Participants can directly interact with the lead developers, dive into
detailed discussions and meet other researchers interested in potential
>> Discover the Program and register for the Workshop (REQUIRED)

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