[robotics-worldwide] [News] France - Cobots & Related Technologies: Roadmap to collaborative EC projects (UKTI Webinar)

Jade Le Maitre jade.lemaitre at innoecho.com
Fri May 22 02:10:47 PDT 2015

Cecile HUET, PhD, Deputy Head of Unit Robotics at the Directorate-General
CONNECT European Commission (EC) will present how the EC is exploring the
socio-economic drivers, challenges, opportunities and impacts of robotics.
Current EC projects on promising robotic applications and roadmap on process
for UK and French entrepreneurs to collaboratively participate in EC
projects will be discussed.

Catherine SIMON, President of Innorobo will highlight the robotic ecosystem
in France and its opportunities to finally focus on Innorobo, the
international trade show fostering robotics & related technologies and
facilitate synergy / collaboration with international players in the robotic
After the main presentation there will be a Q&A session for participants.
This webinar is run in partnership with the European Commission and

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