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Robotics Fellowship in Ladakh, India to teach robotics for under privileged


GHE setup the world’s *Third Education** Base (E-Base) *in Leh, Ladakh
(India) located at 12000 ft.  A 100% solar powered digital education
facility, it hosts a mini library, tablets, internet and various other
learning tools to enable cross-cultural learning among the local Himalayan
kids and establishes a mode of interaction for them with the outside world
through interactive knowledge sessions. Around 400 students of Leh now use
the E-Base as part of their curriculum, focusing on education based on
sustainable solutions around clean energy, waste management, water
conservation, bio-diversity and local Ladakhi culture & traditions.

Robotics Fellowship 2015:

Third Pole E-Base continues to expand the activity based experiential
learning curriculum. We now plan to introduce the first ever Robotics
Workshop for the students in Leh-Ladakh. The idea is to build on the
experiential learning concept so that the students can apply the concepts
that they learn in the classroom to practical applications.

The Robotics workshops will allow the students to not only assemble their
own robots but also compete with others in small group competitions. The
intent is to bring the students closer to developing technology products
and developing hands on experience

Duration: 2 Months

Objectives of the Robotics Fellow:

1.     Develop Third Pole Education Base into a center of interactive and
experiential learning, a first of its kind concept in India for the remote

2.     Enhance critical thinking skills of the students through Robotics.

3.     Develop a basic knowledge of mechanical, electrical and software
engineering required to build simple robots. (soldering, arduino,
mechanical assembly)

4.     Inculcate the concept of self- learning amongst the children through
robotics workshops across 5 schools.

As the Third Pole Robotics Fellow, individual should be driven to the cause
of education and scientific learning, and should be comfortable working
with the students of different age groups.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1.     Develop a Robotics Curriculum for the Third Pole Education Base
covering the following elements in a manner that is appropriate

a.     Control Systems

b.     Locomotion / Mobility

c.     DC Motors / Servos

d.     Electronics  (e.g. soldering)

e.     Arduino / Microcontroller Programming

f.      Remote / Wireless Control

2.     Conduct Robotics workshops at 5 partner schools in Leh covering 800

a.     Total students/batch: 30

b.     Total batches/school: 4

c.     Duration of each batch: 5-6 Hours

3.     Assessment of the learning of the students through tests before and
after the workshops.

4.     Circulate a weekly report on work being done and biweekly connect
over Skype with the core team

5.     Have Fun!

How can I Apply?

You can express your interest by sending a mail to jaideepbansal at gmail.com
and answering the below mentioned questions along with your resume.

1.     Please share a bit about your background

2.     What is your thought on the concept of an Education Base (E-Base) in
taking learning beyond the textbook and the classroom?

3.     What qualities do you have to make the most of this unique
experience?  Please describe three of them and why they would be of value
in this role? (150-200 words)

4.     What have you done to develop activity based or experiential
learning in your work to date and what was the impact of what you did?  Can
you give up to three examples? (150-200 words).

To Apply, email required application material to:
jaideepbansal at gmail.com

The Third Pole Education Base is a first of its kind endeavor in the
education space for rural communities, and you will be the change maker who
makes it possible for the Education Base to scale up to a be a pilot model
in the world.

Saurav Agarwal
Aerospace Engineering
Texas A&M University
Email: sauravag at tamu.edu

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