[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Oceans16 Session on China – EU cooperation: The Role of Robotics in the Sea

Francesco Maurelli f.maurelli at ieee.org
Wed Nov 11 07:25:59 PST 2015

                Call for Extended Abstracts

        Focused Technical and Networking Session on
                  China – EU cooperation
              The Role of Robotics in the Sea

                    MTS / IEEE Oceans'16
                       Shanghai, China


As the Oceans16 official motto says: “Our Future is with Oceans”. 
Effective long term solutions for autonomous operations in the oceans 
are still challenges not yet solved. While commercial oilfield 
inspection with autonomous vehicles is now a commercial reality, fielded 
robots continue to heavily rely on accurate a-priori models of the 
subsea assets and expose limited capabilities for autonomous decision 
making. For the societal challenges we are facing, robust, autonomous 
and intelligent marine robots are more and more a need rather than a 
scientific intellectual play.

The impact of such robotics spans over many fields, from oil&gas 
infrastructure monitoring and intervention, to offshore windfarm 
applications, from enabling marine biologists to gather needed data to 
secure patrolling of harbours, from responding to environmental 
catastrophes to surveying important archaeological sites, and so on.

Both EU and China, as key players in the world, are strongly involved in 
this area. A cooperation would be very beneficial for both. We invite 
researchers from EU and China to contribute to this session “The Role of 
Robotics in the Sea”, which will be structured in three parts:

- *Scientific Contributions*: we intend to showcase successful projects 
from both sides, with a focus on lesson learned, transferability and impact.

- *Company Showcase*: selected European and Chinese companies will have 
the opportunity for a pitch of their products and services.

- *Public and Expert Panel*: panel with representatives of public 
authorities and scientists to discuss current scientific and societal 
challenges and cooperation opportunities.

If you are interested to submit a scientific contribution, please 
contact Francesco Maurelli <maurelli at in.tum.de> and Xianbo Xiang 
<xbxiang at hust.edu.cn> no later than the 25th of November, with an 
abstract (500-1000 words) following the standard Oceans template. The 
authors will be then given instructions for submission on the Oceans16 
website, in order to identify and group those contributions. Final 
notification will follow standard Oceans deadlines.

Dr. Francesco Maurelli, Technical University of Munich, Germany, EU 
<maurelli at in.tum.de>
Dr. Xianbo Xiang, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China 
<xbxiang at hust.edu.cn>

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