[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Postdoc, Exoskeleton Design, Steve Collins, Carnegie Mellon University

Steve Collins stevecollins at cmu.edu
Wed Nov 18 17:24:39 PST 2015

Prof. Steve Collins and the Carnegie Mellon University Experimental
Biomechatronics Laboratory seek a postdoctoral researcher with
expertise in lower-limb exoskeleton design. The ideal candidate will
have previously designed and built high-performance lower-limb
exoskeleton, prosthesis or humanoid robotics hardware. The desired
start date is July 2016, with a duration of three years.

Our team uses versatile, tethered prosthesis and exoskeleton emulator
systems to study human-robot interaction during locomotion with the
aim of discovering new performance-enhancing features that can be
incorporated into wearable robotic devices. More information about our
group and approach can be found at biomechatronics.cit.cmu.edu. This
project seeks to establish a complete lower-limb exoskeleton emulator
system with exceptional versatility and use it to identify new,
optimal assistance techniques during walking and running. Additional
project information is available upon request.

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV and a few
representative papers to Steve Collins, stevecollins at cmu.edu.

[This is a separate position from the gait biomechanics listing
earlier this year, which has been filled. There will be a new opening
for a postdoctoral researcher in gait biomechanics in the Fall of

Steven H. Collins
Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering & Robotics Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave. | Pittsburgh, PA 15213
stevecollins at cmu.edu | 412-268-5222

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