[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] 7 days left: Session on Multibody Kinematics - 4th Int. Conf. on Multibody System Dynamics (IMSD), Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on May 29-June 2, 2016

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Thu Nov 19 22:09:49 PST 2015

Dear Colleague,

We cordially invite you to contribute and present your latest work in 
the session on *Multibody Kinematics *that will be organized at the 
*Fourth Joint International Conference on Multibody System Dynamics 
(IMSD) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on May 29 - June 2, 2016**

Please submit a two-page abstract not later than *November 27, 2015*

Aims and Scope:

Given that the complexity of computational methods for MBS dynamics is 
to a large extent determined by the computational cost incurred in 
evaluating the system kinematics, a critical assessment of the methods 
used to describe the latter is in order. In particular, manipulating 
rotations is a central aspect that has led to the use of quaternions and 
what is known as "rotation-free" formulations. Recently, Lie group 
methods have found their way into the modeling of rigid as well as 
flexible MBS (Cosserat solids). Indeed, Lie groups provide new tools for 
the treatment of the inherent coupling between the translation and the 
rotation fields. Geometric integration schemes for constrained rigid and 
flexible MBS have also been proposed in the last decade. These schemes 
seem to provide accuracy and robustness higher than the commonly used 
vector-space integration schemes. The kinematics formulation further 
dictates the complexity with which the equations of motion can be 
evaluated; various low-order formulations are currently available.

Further, the description and efficient representation of the MBS 
topology is a topic whose significance is often overlooked. This will be 
given due attention within this symposium.

The aim of the symposium is to provide a platform to review the 
approaches well-known to the MBS community and to propose novel 
approaches to this classical topic. Linking the MBS with the mechanism 
and robotics communities will be beneficial.

Papers targeting all aspects of the geometric and the kinematic 
descriptions of MBS and their impact on computational accuracy and 
robustness are welcome. The symposium includes the following topics:
- Geometric description and kinematics of MBS
- Computational methods, low-order algorithms
- Parameterization of MBS motion
- Application of quaternions and dual quaternions
- Rotation-free formulations
- Kinematics of flexible MBS
- Invariant and exact formulations for flexible MBS
- Application of screw theory and Lie group theory to rigid and flexible 
- Geometric integration schemes for MBS, structure-preserving geometric 
- Topology representation of complex MBS
- Applications

Kind regards,
Andres Mueller, Olivier Bauchau, Hao Wang, Jorge Angeles

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Head of the Institute of Robotics

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