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José Santos-Victor jasv at isr.tecnico.ulisboa.pt
Sun Nov 22 15:39:05 PST 2015


The Robotics, Brain and Cognition Doctoral Programme, RBCog-PhD, offers 
several PhD scholarships in the areas of cognitive robotics, 
neuroimaging and distributed and socially aware robots. RBCog-PhD 
focuses on the multidisciplinary use of robotics and neuroimaging with 
the twin goal of (i) advancing our understanding of brain function in 
humans and (ii) developing new robotic systems based on biologically 
plausible principles.

The RBCog-PhD is coordinated by Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-Lisbon) 
in cooperation with École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), 
Universidade de Coimbra (UC), Champalimaud Foundation (CF) and involving 
the research centres Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica Lisbon, INESC-ID 
and Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica in Coimbra.

We are looking for highly qualified and motivated candidates holding a 
M.Sc. degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Maths, or other 
related disciplines from reputable universities. Accepted students will 
be awarded a scholarship and will carry out his/her PhD studies in a 
multi-national, multi-cultural environment in two institutions/centers 
of the RBCog-PhD consortium.

The call is open between until December 6th 2015, 5pm GMT.
Detailed information on RBCog-PhD: http://rbcog.isr.tecnico.ulisboa.pt
How to apply: http://rbcog.isr.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/applications.htm

- Visually guided grasping for humanoid robots
- Biomimetic models for locomotion
- Visual function and neuroimaging biomarkers of aging
- Long-term interaction with a social robot: teaching a robot how to write
- Learning robot motion strategies for collaborative manipulation with 
multiple human users
- A model predictive approach for robust quadrotor formation control
- Mechanisms for motor learning and action selection in animals and robots
- Biophysical modeling of fMRI signals vis-a-vis population-specific 
neural activity
- Large State Space Generalisation Based on Deep Learning Methods for 
Decision-Making Under Uncertainty in Animals and Robots
- Models and Applications of Tactile Perception for Robots
- Robot assistants for human experts: learning how to teach

Kind regards,
José Santos-Victor, IST/ISR
RBCog-PhD Program Director

P.S> RBCog-PhD is partially funded by the Portuguese Foundation for 
Science and Technology (FCT).


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