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Achim Schweikard schweikard at rob.uni-luebeck.de
Tue Nov 24 06:52:51 PST 2015

New book on medical robotics:

Achim Schweikard, Floris Ernst: Medical Robotics

(1st ed., Nov. 2015)

The book summarizes 25 year of research in medical robotics. It presents
the new methods behind medical robotics system such as the DaVinci
system and the CyberKnife.
The main new element is motion learning, which is of high practical
value in medical robotics.
The book is the first textbook on medical robotics, and includes a
number of elements currently not covered by textbooks on robotics:

- Seven-joint robots and their inverse kinematics.

- Navigation, calibration and registration.

- Connection to machine learning and motion learning.

- Applications in surgical robotics and rehabilitation robotics.

- Brain-machine interfaces, neuro-prosthetics and neuro-engineering.

The book presents an in-depth survey of medical robotics for students
and researchers. It incorporates cutting-edge research in the field of
target tracking, treatment planning, motion compensation, brain-machine
interfaces and neuroprosthetics.

Hardcover, 424 pages

ISBN 978-3-319-22890-7

ISBN 978-3-319-22891-4 (eBook)

DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-22891-4

Library of Congress Control Number 2015947502

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