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 ***                   1st CALL FOR PARTICIPATION                  ***

Robotica 2016 - 16th Portuguese Robotics Open


May 4-8, 2016
Bragança, Portugal

The Portuguese Robotics Open is a RoboCup Event that aims at
promoting Science and Technology among students from the 1st grade to
university studies, as well among the general public, through robotic
We would like to invite you to participate in the 16th Portuguese Robotics
Open which will take place May 4-8, 2016, in Bragança, Portugal.
If you are interested in participating, please pre-register your team
and follow the procedure as outlined below.

== Competitions

The following competitions are offered for the 16th Portuguese Robotics Open:

 Major Competitions

   - RoboCup Middle Size League
   - RoboCup 2D Simulation League
   - RoboCup 3D Simulation League
   - RoboCup Standard Platform League
   - Autonomous Driving Competition
   - Robot at Factory
   - FreeBots Competition

 Junior Competitions

   - RoboCup Junior Dance
   - RoboCup Junior Soccer
   - RoboCup Junior Rescue
   - FreeBots Junior Competition

The rules of RoboCup competitions will be based on the RoboCup 2016 rules for
each League. All competitions rules are available at:

Some Competitions may not take place if the number of participating teams
(judged by the pre-registrations) does not reach the mimimum.

== Schedule ==

    Team pre-registration deadline:    Mar.  16, 2016
    Registration deadline:             Mar.  31, 2016
    Late registration deadline:        Apr.  30, 2016
    Portuguese Robotics Open:          May. 4-8, 2016

All deadlines are 23:59 GMT.

== Pre-registration ==

To pre-register, send an E-Mail to mss at isep.ipp.pt (cc: robotica2016 at ipb.pt)
with the subject 'Pre-registration TEAM_NAME'. The E-Mail should contain the
following information:

1. Competition:
2. Team-Name:
3. Team-Leader:
4. E-Mail:
5. Country/ies:
6. Affiliation(s):
7. Number of team members:

You should receive a confirmation E-Mail for your pre-registration within a
few days of submission.

== Registration ==

Registration is performed through the online form at:


Registration Fees:

   - Until 31st March 2016 (early) - Payment until 10th April

     Major Leagues
       Fee per team:           200 euros (up to 5 members)
       Additional team member:  50 euros (no limit of extra members)

     Junior Leagues
        Fee per team:           80 euros (up to 4 members)
        Additional team member: 30 euros (limited to 2 extra members)

     Scientific meeting
        Full time Students:    200 euros ; 150 euros (SPR Ass./IEEE members)
        Non Students:          320 euros ; 250 euros (SPR Ass./IEEE members)

   - Late registrations - Until 30 April 2014 (late) - Payment until 2nd May

     Major Leagues
       Fee per team:           250 euros (up to 6 members)
       Additional team member:  75 euros (no limit of extra members)

     Junior Leagues
       Fee per team:           120 euros (up to 4 members)
       Additional team member:  50 euros (limited to 2 extra members)

     Scientific Meeting
       Full Time Students:     250 euros ; 200 euros (SPR Ass./IEEE members)
       Non Students:           380 euros ; 300 euros (SPR Ass./IEEE members)

== Description and History ==

The Portuguese Robotics Open (also known as Festival Nacional de Robótica)
had its 1st edition in 2001. The event has had an enormous growth since
the 1st edition, both in the number of teams, participants and visitors
and also includes an international IEEE conference where national
an international researchers present their latest work in the field
of Robotics (http://icarsc2016.ipb.pt/).
The 16th edition of the Portuguese Robotics Open will be held in Bragança,
Portugal, on May 4-8, 2016.  The district of Bragança is located in Trás-os-Montes,
in the northeast of Portugal, an attractive region known for its traditions,
handicraft, gastronomy and its landscape. The regions located in the north
part of the district, more cold and highest in altitude, are known as Terra
Fria Transmontana and present a landscape dominated by plateaus and mountains,
with deep and narrow valleys. More to the south, we find the region known as
Terra Quente Trasmontana, of milder climate, marked by the Douro river and the
valleys of its tributary rivers. In this region you can visit the Natural Park
of Montesinho, the International Douro Park or the Protected Landscape of Azibo,
where you can be marvel at the scenery with a diverse flora and fauna.
It has very good connections by airport and highways.

The Portuguese Robotics Open is currently an initiative of
Portuguese Society of Robotics.

Hoping to see you at Portuguese Robotics Open!

Kind Regards,
The Portuguese Robotics Open Organizing Committee

Manuel Silva
Professor Adjunto
Departamento de Engenharia Electrotécnica

ISEP | Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto
Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431
4249-015 Porto - PORTUGAL
tel. +351 228 340 500 | fax +351 228 321 159
mail at isep.ipp.pt | www.isep.ipp.pt<http://www.isep.ipp.pt>

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