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Srinivas Reddy Aellala srinivas at aurobots.com
Sat Nov 28 02:03:50 PST 2015

Auro Robotics is a Y Combinator S15 company located in Silicon Valley.  We
are building self-driving neighborhood electric vehicles with the larger
vision of creating a safe and efficient mode of urban transportation. Our
autonomous shuttles currently solve the local transportation needs of
campuses and private places like retirement communities, universities,
industrial sites and resorts. We are currently piloting(video here
<https://youtu.be/WnGeOqJiTEc>) in one of our customer sites, Santa Clara

We are looking for roboticists specialized in motion planning algorithms,
to help us build the navigation system for our autonomous shuttle. Primary
tasks include developing and testing algorithms for path planning,
behavioral planning and vehicle control.

Role: Robotics Intern - Motion Planning for Immediate Joining


   - Build/Integrate software and algorithms for path planning, behavioral
   planning and vehicle control
   - Test algorithms in simulation followed by on-field environments
   - Benchmarking and validating navigation system for final deployment
   - Developing safety engineering and fault tolerance into navigation and
   control systems.


   - BS, MS/PhD in Robotics/related field or Equivalent Practical experience
   - Experience in one of the following: Astar, RRT, RRT*,SBPL,OMPL,
   decision making,trajectory optimization, ackermann vehicle control, PID
   control, Throttlle-Brake Control.
   - Experience in motion planning for ackermann drives (cars) is highly
   - C++ programming expertise
   - Passionate about working in startups


   - Experience in ROS
   - Experience in writing safety-critical code


   - Will play a key role in developing and deploying self-driving cars in
   real world environments
   - Competitive Stipend
   - Will work with state of the art sensors and technology modules everyday
   - Free rides in our self driving vehicles

Location: Sunnyvale, CA

*Duration: *Flexible, Available from now

Apply: Email your resume and examples of your past experience (code,
papers, video etc.) to jobs at aurobots.com
With regards,
Srinivas Reddy

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer | Auro Robotics
(+1) 408-431-7340  |  LinkedIn <http://in.linkedin.com/in/srinireddyA>
| www.aurobots.com

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