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Jared Glover jared.glover at capsenrobotics.com
Sat Apr 9 18:52:34 PDT 2016

CapSen Robotics is an MIT spin-off developing 3D computer vision solutions
for cluttered environments.  We are enabling new applications in a wide
range of consumer and industrial markets, from computer gaming and
augmented reality to logistics, manufacturing, and robotics.  We are
located in Pittsburgh, PA in a vibrant robotics and start-up community, and
are an alum of the Alpha Lab Gear accelerator program

*.**We are seeking experienced programmers and researchers with a passion
for exploring the cutting edge of computer vision and robotics.  Join us
and help shape the future of computer perception.*

*Job description*
 - Develop and test application-specific computer vision algorithms
 - Improve core computer vision algorithms for object detection, tracking,
scanning, and measuring

 - C++, CUDA, Matlab, ROS
 - MS or PhD
 - 3 years of computer vision, robotics, or machine learning experience

Jared Glover
CapSen Robotics
*3D vision for a cluttered world*

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