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*Robotics Navigation/Control Scientist*

Institut de Recherche Technologique Jules Verne (IRT JV), is a research and
technology institute located in the beautiful city of Nantes in France,
dedicated to industrial innovation development in the field of
manufacturing. In order to develop research and innovation actions, IRT JV
maintains several key partnerships with local and national academic
institutions including: National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS),
University of Nantes, Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN), Institute for
Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) and Université du Maine.

The research activities are organized in 3 main themes: (1) integrated
product/process design, (2) innovative processes and (3) adaptive and smart
manufacturing systems.

The MASCOT project aims to develop a robot co-worker that is able to
navigate and performs different assembly tasks in a factory. In this
project,  you will have the opportunity to work collaboratively on a
robotic prototype with severals industrial and academics partners :
Renault, Faurecia, Alstom/GE, ECN, INRIA. This prototype must navigate
autonomously in a factory i.e., a highly complex indoor environment, in
order to reach a designated work area. Furthermore, once the system is
successfully reached the work zone various different support tasks must be
performed . In this full-time position you will face challenging problems
and will try to build upon the state of the art in the fields of control,
motion planning, data fusion, SLAM, amongst others.

We are looking  for motivated people (preferably postdoc) with strong
software development skills and a strong interest in to getting a system
function correctly.

*Essential Functions/ Job Duties:*
- Design, implement, test and document robotics algorithms in C, C++,
Python on desktop and embedded platforms.
- One of the main focuses of the position is the development of novel
algorithms for mobile robotics navigation, particularly control, path
planning, sensor fusion, obstacle avoidance, and simultaneous localization
and mapping.
- The position involves a substantial portion of “hands-on” work and
requires an individual able to work independently with minimal supervision

*Qualifications: *- A solid engineering background with hands-on experience
designing and developing robotics systems.
- Understanding of and experience with any of the following: behavior-based
control, navigation, path-planning, obstacle avoidance, SLAM, estimation
and control, and sensor fusion.
- Strong analytical skills and mathematical foundation.
- Good understanding of computer systems.
- Minimum of 3 years experience (or PhD) in algorithm implementation using
C, C++ or Python.
- Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
- Ability to work independently, without direct supervision.
- Strong problem solving skills and ability to learn quickly.

*Nice to have:*- PhD in Robotics or related field.
- Understanding of and experience with any of the following:  motion
planning, computer vision, object detection and tracking,  RGBD-cameras and
laser scanners
- Experiences in Robot Operating System (ROS) and Python.
- Hands-on experience developing algorithms and building mobile robotics
- Embedded programming experience.
- Ability to build/assemble/modify electronic assemblies or robots into
various configurations for test purposes.

We will provide excellent work conditions. The salary will be
internationally competitive and commensurate with experience.

*How to Apply?*

Interested researchers and fellows should send the application including a
CV and optionally a letter of accomplishments, motivation and career goals
to: mascot at irt-jules-verne.fr

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